What the Chinese were awarded of General Vlasov the order of the Golden Dragon

History 08/01/20 what the Chinese were awarded of General Vlasov the order of the Golden Dragon

In 1938-1939. the future, the chief traitor Andrey Vlasov served as military adviser to the President of China Chiang Kai-shek. Goodbye Chiang Kai-shek Vlasov was awarded the order of the Golden Dragon – one of the highest in the Republic of China. The wife of Chiang Kai-shek Soong may-Ling myself, I gave Vlasov’s gold watch.

When Vlasov was recalled to the Soviet Union, his plane made a stopover in Alma-ATA. There Vlasov Luggage was thoroughly searched and robbed of everything, according to officials of the NKVD, unnecessary. Including the order and watch. “Logic” is simple: if the party sends you an honorary business trip abroad, all that you in it have managed to amass, does not belong to you personally, and the party. In addition to reputation. With the instructions of the party Vlasov in China coped brilliantly that opened the way to higher career heights.

the Patriotic war of China

From 1931 to 1937, Japanese militarists occupied some North-Eastern provinces of China, and in July 1937 launched against the Republic of China full-scale war. Superiority in technology and training has allowed the Japanese to immediately achieve great success and to capture a significant part of China’s territory, inhabited by tens of millions of people. The occupation soon became the largest city of China – Beijing and Shanghai. Until the end of 1937 has fallen and the temporary capital of China – Nanjing. In October 1938, the Japanese captured the tri-city Hankou—Wuchang—Hanyang (now a single metropolis is Wuhan) the middle reaches of the Yangtze.

the Soviet Union, considering Japan as its main geopolitical enemy in the far East, provided the Republic of China, despite the anti-communism Chiang Kai-shek with weapons and military personnel specialists (pilots, volunteers, and counselors). The arrival of Vlasov in China, thus, coincided with the most difficult for China during the war. November 1, 1938, Chiang Kai-shek called on the people to war with the aggressor to win.

the Colonel Vlasov Trip to China became possible due to the absolute political reliability. Vlasov has established itself as a dedicated supporter of the Communist party and personally Stalin. Historian Alexander Kolesnik in the book “POA – Vlasov army” provides data that in 1937-1938 the military courts of the Leningrad and Kiev military districts, which met Vlasov, has not made any acquittal. Writer Viktor Filatov in the book “Vlasovschina. ROA: white spots” argues that Vlasov actively and consciously contributed to Stalin’s “cleansing” of the command personnel of the red army.

In the new temporary capital of China, Chongqing, Vlasov was appointed Deputy chief military Advisor of the Soviet Union with Chiang Kai-shek, the commander of Alexander Cherepanov. From may to November 1939 Vlasov, the acting chief military adviser.

an Agent named “Volkov”

the most Important task of Vlasov in 1938 was holding talks with the rebel Marshal Yang Sianem. His troops controlled most of the provinces of Shanxi and Swilcan Northwest of Beijing, not obeying Chiang Kai-shek. Vlasov was instructed to induce the Marshal in cooperation with the government army action against the Japanese.

Thus, Vlasov served not so much military as diplomatic, and quite delicate mission. Such Stalin obviously could not charge a mediocre military commander. In his passion to give himself and his colleagues aliases (during the great Patriotic war, Stalin ordered to call themselves in telegrams and telephone conversations “Vasilyev”, Zhukov – “Konstantinov”), the Soviet leader was assigned a Vlasov code name “wolf”.

About Ian Sesana said that he’s better than everyone in China knows how to count money. This meant that recruitment of Marshal was associated with the spending of large sums of money, which further highlights the complexity of the diplomatic-intelligence tasks Vlasova.

Chinese translator assigned to Vlasov, vpossledstvii remembered that he had given him orders to shoot him if during their visits, they get ambushed by the Japanese. Russian, according to him, had an exceptional ability to concentrate on the task at hand and not distracted from its execution. This excludes common in the literature speculation that Vlasov was having problems with alcohol during his China trip.

apparently, with the task of bringing Ian Sesana agent Volkov was successful In any case, the Marshal since then has always acted in solidarity with Chiang Kai-shek and then became the second person in the government of Kuomintang.

Inspection of the front and the contribution to the victory at Changsha

the objectives of the acting chief military adviser to Chinese leader included an inspection trip to the front. Head Vlasova, Cherepanov, made a visit in October 1938 during the battle of Wuhan, which ended unsuccessfully for the Chinese troops. During the battle of Changsha, which began in September 1939, the Soviet chief military adviser also made the on the front. Judging by the fact that the function of the chief military adviser in this time to fulfill Vlasov, it was he, not Cherepanov, and went to the front near Changsha.

Changsha City occupies a key strategic position in southern China. The attack of the Japanese troops began on 17 September 1939. Three weeks later, it ended in complete failure. For the Chinese army, it was the first real victory after two years of almost continuous failure. Naturally, the KMT leadership considered Soviet military adviser to one of the people who contributed.

In between performing its most important functions Vlasov read the Chinese generals and senior officers of lectures on tactics (of course through an interpreter). However, this is a everyday duty. However, she characterizes Vlasov as a fully trained officer.

what are the sources

most of the detail work Vlasov in China rekonstruiruet via weeksamalki sources. It is unlikely we will be mistaken if we assume that such meager data represent only the tip of the iceberg. On the nature of Soviet military specialists in China, that they could be assigned to the most unexpected secret missions shows a simple comparison of facts.

In 1930-e years, not only the USSR but also the USA and one time Nazi Germany assisted Chiang Kai-shek of China. In the absence of these three countries, the official friendly relations, China was the place where the emissaries of Moscow, Washington and Berlin could informally, but it is easy to contact and resolve some delicate issues of importance to intelligence.

by the Way, the military mission of the Third Reich when Chiang Kai-shek were withdrawn in may 1938. In this part of the German military advisers could illegally stay there later. Perhaps in some as yet unknown historians of the Vlasov contacts with colleagues from Germany and the USA during business trips to China can be riddles of some of his actions during the great Patriotic war.

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