Of the 100 billion euros in the Bundeswehr special fund, a good 40 billion euros alone are to be allocated to armament projects in the area of ​​the air force. This emerges from a confidential document for the Bundestag. The paper lists eleven individual projects for the “Air Dimension”, for which a total of around 40.9 million euros are estimated.

Armament projects listed include the procurement of US F-35 stealth jets to replace the old Tornado jets. The “Armament Heron TP” is also mentioned – this is an Israeli drone model that is to be equipped with missiles.

According to the document marked “VS – only for official use”, the Navy accounts for around 19.3 billion euros. 16.6 billion euros are earmarked for the “Dimension Land”.

20.7 billion euros are allotted to the item “Leadership of the Bundeswehr”. Among other things, new radio devices are mentioned here, as well as data centers and satellite communication. Two billion euros are spent on “clothing and personal equipment”, such as combat shoes and night vision devices. 500 million euros are earmarked for “research, development and artificial intelligence”.

Added together, this results in exactly the 100 billion euros that the Bundeswehr special fund is supposed to include. However, the document does not state which individual items should cost how much and in which period the purchase is planned.

The traffic light government and the Union only agreed on the details of the special fund late on Sunday evening. The coalition needs the support of the CDU/CSU because the special fund is to be anchored in the Basic Law and the constitution can only be changed with a two-thirds majority.