What territory Stalin annexed the Ukraine

History 26/01/20 What territory Stalin annexed Ukraine

the Modern borders of Ukraine is a product of the Soviet national-state building conducted under the guidance of the all-Union Communist party of Bolsheviks – VKP(b). That is, they are, literally, the legacy of the Communist regime, or as it is called in some neighboring country, “the Russian occupation”.

the re-establishment of Ukrainian statehood

Arose immediately after the February revolution of 1917, the Ukrainian Central Rada has put forward claims to establish an independent Ukrainian state within the several provinces of the Russian Empire – Kiev, Volyn, Kholm, Podolia, Bessarabia, Kherson, Taurida, Ekaterinoslav, Poltava, Chernihiv, Kharkiv. In addition, Ukraine was planned to include the lands of Austria-Hungary – Galicia, Bukovina and Transcarpathia.

When in the spring of 1918 formed the Ukrainian power was between Austro-German and Soviet troops, she had to renounce claims to parts of Austria-Hungary. Not they came to the Ukraine after the collapse of the Habsburg Empire – they divided Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia. The German authorities have not agreed to transfer Crimea to Ukraine, there to form a separate government. If you count the predecessor of modern Ukraine Ukrainian state in 1918 and the Ukrainian national Republic in 1919, it should be noted that the Crimea never belonged neither to one nor to another.

the Eastern border of Ukraine were first established along the line of actual promotion of the Kaiser’s troops. When Ukraine won the Soviet power, the border was carried out close to the same line. During the 1920s, there have been refinements of the border, mutual administrative transfer small areas of the RSFSR — Soviet Ukraine and Vice versa. Final Eastern border of the USSR, from Belarus to the Azovsea Skog was established in 1928 and since then has not changed.

Speaking about how Stalin engineered the Ukrainian border, it should be borne in mind, first of all, its Western border.

most of the Accession of the Western Ukraine

When, on 17 September 1939 the Red Army crossed the Eastern border of Poland, in the official statement of the Soviet government, this step was motivated by the protection of the Belarusian and Ukrainian peoples from any surprise created by the sudden fall of the Polish state. Meanwhile, back on 23 August Stalin and Nazi foreign Minister Ribbentrop agreed that the border of the Soviet zone in Poland will take place along the rivers Narev, Vistula and San. That is, the Soviet area will include a significant part of ethnographic Poland.

By that time, 17 September, German troops advanced to the East are already much further this line of demarcation. Hitler was very reluctant to give back the conquered territory. For his part, Stalin understood that it would be difficult to explain the inclusion of territories inhabited by poles in Belarus and the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. And most importantly – this is not feasible politically: poles will not be loyal subjects. To create the same on Polish lands between the Vistula and the bug river the Polish SSR meant to irritate Hitler, who sought to liquidate the Polish state.

In the ensuing negotiations in Moscow between the German military attaché Castringham and people’s Commissar of defense Voroshilov agreed on a schedule for the occupation by Soviet troops of the whole area, put them under the Protocol of August 23. However, Stalin expressed his readiness to make clarification of the demarcation line. The purpose of the final agreement in Moscow on 27 September flew again Ribbentrop.

the next day was signed the Treaty by which the boundary between the USSR and Germany were moved from the Vistula East to the bug. Both States mutually pledged not to prevent the restoration of the Polish state in any form controlled by thoserritory. Ribbentrop tried to achieve the transfer of the border and in Galicia – from the San river to the East. But Stalin insisted on the previous configuration of the border at the San river. As recalled Ribbentrop, Stalin declared that it “has obligations to the Ukrainians.” So much of Western Ukraine became part of the USSR.

At the same time, Kholmshchyna, too, populated mainly by Ukrainians, which was originally part of the Soviet zone, was left to Germany and not included in the SSR.

the Border with Romania

In June 1940 the Soviet Union issued an ultimatum to Romania on the cleansing of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina. If Hitler accepted Bessarabia to the Soviet sphere of influence, the capture of Stalin Northern Bukovina, which belonged to before the First world war the Austrian Empire was perceived as the Fuhrer Stalin violation of previous agreements. The annexed territories were created, except the Moldavian Soviet socialist Republic, two regions of Ukraine – Chernivtsi and Izmail (the latter later included in the Odessa region).

After the war, Lviv remained a part of Ukraine thanks to Stalin

When in 1944 Soviet troops were again out on the Western border of the USSR, in press with the filing of the first Secretary of the Communist party(Bolsheviks) of Ukraine Khrushchev appeared article calling for Holm reunification with the Soviet Ukraine. However, Stalin, the historian Yury Emelyanov, stopping any further publications and presentations on this topic. To maintain good relations with the Western allies, not only was he going to leave Poland Holm, but also to return some of the districts of the Ukrainian SSR and the Byelorussian SSR.

August 16, 1945 in Moscow, an agreement was signed between the USSR and Poland, according to which part of Poland from Belarus back in the Bialystok district, and the border with Ukraine sprauslas in such a way that the whole course of the San river was now in Poland. Ukraine was given to only a small Belz. Thus was established the current Ukrainian-Polish border. Thus Stalin in early 1945, rejected numerous harassment, the British Prime Ministerand Churchill, asking that Lviv was returned to Poland. Lviv remained a part of Ukraine thanks to Stalin.

After the entry of Soviet troops on the territory of Transcarpathian Ukraine, before the war, belonged to Czechoslovakia, and in 1939 annexed by Hungary in November 1944, the USSR declared (referring to the “people’s will”) their claims to this area. After the war, Czechoslovakia was nothing left for her to take, and the Soviet-Czechoslovak agreement of June 29, 1945, Transcarpathia became the USSR. Thus was established the modern border of Ukraine with Slovakia and Hungary.

it is Possible to assume that Stalin deliberately sought to gathering all the lands inhabited mainly by Ukrainians in a single state. This is consistent with theoretical views of Stalin, made in 1910, in “Marxism and the national question” on what basis “socialist nation” is the predominant ethnic group.

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