History 29/01/20 Any “steel” of the Germans, Denikin considered the most dangerous opponents

During the First world war the Russian and German troops showed themselves as born warriors. Both sides fought hard, which did not prevent the opponents respect each other. In his memoirs, General Brusilov wrote: “the German people and its army have shown such an example of striking energy, stamina, strength, patriotism, bravery… They fought like lions against the world, and the power of their spirit is amazing.” Among such a brave and warlike people like the Germans, were soldiers, who were considered especially dangerous opponent.

Russian Germans

the Officers of the Imperial Russian army noted the movement of German troops, their desire to attack, tenacity, the ability to maintain military order and discipline at critical moments. Major General Cervinka stated that “approximately equal values abroad, and our officers in the first rank… the German officers, since the rank of captain, in General, already far ahead in the military of our captains”.

a Military doctor 336-th field hospital, Leonid voytovsky, wrote that the treatment of the soldiers told the Germans that they are a strong people, to fight with which is much more complicated than with the Austrians. The Germans were known as the Marines, but all participants of the war have noted a higher the fighting qualities of the Russian cavalry and artillery. Indicative episode of the battle for the village Popeliany in which 1 Jun 1915, Primorsky Dragoon regiment in one day overturned and hacked five German cavalry regiments, among whom were the legendary 2-second regiment, called the “hussars of death.”

the German Siberians

after the war, the Germans fought on the Eastern front, noted the high combat readiness of the Russian infantry, recruited in Siberia. Similar to the Siberians in the Imperial army were Prussians and nizhnebakansky. Particularly formidable opponent was considered the 10th army corps that come inwhether the division, recruited from the Hanoverians and brunsviga.

In Germany, the word “Prussian” and “soldier” to be synonymous. Especially a lot of people from this part of Germany was among the officers and aviators. The pilots of the first fighter squadrons of the German air force recruited only from the Prussians. So 15 June 1916 during the battle on the river Stokhid 3rd guards corps surrounded the 19th infantry division, which consisted of the Prussians. The Germans refused to surrender, and the unit was completely destroyed.

“Steel” the Germans against the “iron” of the Russian

In his book “the way of the Russian officer,” General Denikin described the fight of his “iron” case against the famous 20th “steel” division, which consisted of soldiers recruited in the Duchy of Braunschweig. Braunsweig even among the Germans were famous for their tenacity and used in the most dangerous sectors of the front. In 1914 the division in the North of France was surrounded and refused to surrender. The cost of huge losses the Marines escaped, for which Kaiser Wilhelm gave the division the name “steel”.

the Battle between “iron” corps of Denikin and “steel” bronchogram occurred in June 1916 near the village Chiselin Volyn province. According to the memoirs of Anton Ivanovich, the Germans without stopping for four days they shelled the trenches of his shots from the artillery. When the guns fell silent, over the German position there was a huge poster with an inscription: “Your Russian iron no worse than our German steel and we will break you”. On the same day, the attack went braunsweig. About the fight Denikin wrote: “June 20, after the 42nd attack, “Steel” division, due to the large losses taken to reserves…. Yes, there were people in our time…”. The commander said that Russian troops also suffered in the battle of huge losses.

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