What should have been done by the army to become a sniper

History 05/01/20 What should have been done by the army to become a sniper

the Great Patriotic war became the triumphs of the Soviet snipers: our arrows not only destroyed the Nazis, but also mentally terrorized and exhausted enemy, reducing the morale of the enemy. Snipers wanted to go to many, but it was possible not to all. The candidate needed to withstand difficult training, the end of which waited for him a kind of rite of initiation.

study Hard

during the great Patriotic path in “the craft” for wanting to become a sniper lay through the schools of great shooters sniper training (SOSSP). Training was as short as possible – 3-4 months.

the First such schools were created in the Moscow military district in the autumn of 1941, and within months spread to other districts. Thus, training snipers for the needs of the red army were put on stream.

the focus in these schools, of course, was on shooting skills. The recruits were shooting at static targets, appearing every four seconds “head targets” mimicking enemy.

he Studied the future snipers on the same weapon that was used on the front: the Mosin rifle and Tokarev (SVT) equipped with a muffler brothers Mitya – the famous “will Bramit”.


After graduation and passing the shooting every sniper took a kind of rite of initiation. There is nothing extraordinary in it was not: the procedure like other military ceremonies, but taking into account the specifics of the sniper case.

the dedication was the commander of the sniper school. The soldiers lined up before him in a row. The main action in the process of the ritual – getting up the rifle. It was the most important and exciting time for the newly graduated the gunmen.

the Weapon had sniper symbolic value. It was said to the commanders, – the tool of his trade, the source of life and glory hand. Before the TSeremony rifle carefully necydalis, polished, and smeared on the optics you wore leather caps.

In a moment of transition in the hands of the soldier the weapon had to be as clean and well maintained. It was thought that a rifle like the sniper will bring good luck in battle. Conversely, unpeeled and dirty the weapon was a harbinger of trouble.

After the transfer of the weapons the commander firmly shook hands with the newcomers and always urged latter-day snipers to take care of their rifle as the Apple of his eye. After this “trunk” was recorded in a military soldier. Only after finding rifles a soldier could call myself a sniper.

the Last stage

However, after completing the rite of initiation, not a sniper ended. Her last phase was “training” – test in the field. The rookie was supposed to eliminate not just the soldier, and an officer of the enemy army.

Among the Soviet snipers were a curious system of accounting of destroyed enemies, where one officer was equal to three soldiers. It was believed that if a beginner will be able to destroy the officer (and they are, as a rule, were more careful and efficient than ordinary soldiers), he fully comprehended the sniper craft.

“trained” the latter-day sniper went not one. Along with him was an experienced fighter, which was a kind of mentor for the beginner, and if anything could give and to keep him from rash acts. He also recorded the fact eliminate the enemy officer, and then the “asshole” finally became a member of the sniper brotherhood.

a Rich “harvest”

the Final stage of initiation into the snipers from the red army were great. So, the Volkhov front was reported at the beginning of September, 1942, that the snipers of the NKVD during practical firing for half a year killed more than two thousand soldiers and officers.

Impressive and the success of the shooters of the NKVD in Ukraine. There during “training” snipers-who was sent to the light more than five thousand soldiers and officers. Deserved awards wereand awarded 247 people.

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