What secret data gave the Germans a traitor Vlasov

History 22/02/20 What secret data gave the Germans a traitor Vlasov

One of the darkest pages in the history of the great Patriotic war is a betrayal of the soldiers and commanders of the red Army, fallen in the service of the Germans. Among them were Lieutenant-General Andrei Andreevich Vlasov. To preserved an interesting document, discovered by journalist Boris Sokolov, which sets forth the Protocol data from the first interrogation of the German prisoner of war, A. A. Vlasov.

the model traitor

the Most interesting that the public information provided by A. A. Vlasov German command began not through captured German archives. They were obtained from the envelope taped to the German album dedicated to “the battle of the Volkhov” and published in the Third Reich in December 1942. One day, quite by accident this document fell into the hands of the German collector, who handed it to Boris Sokolov, so that he in turn published it in Russia.

At the beginning of interrogation the General-Lieutenant Vlasov enough recounts in detail his biography and also stops at the main stages of his military career. According to him, was that he was born in a peasant family, which by Soviet standards could be called a strong middle class, as he owned 10 hectares of land. Therefore after the revolution the family of A. A. Vlasov had every reason to fear dispossession. In 1919, Andrei enrolled in the University of Nizhny Novgorod, but after a year left him by going to the service in the Red Army. Noteworthy is the fact that Vlasov did not graduate from military Academy and his service began as an ordinary soldier. However, able young man quickly stand out among the rest of the fighters and have identified a school for Junior commanders, after which he was sent to command a platoon in the battles against the army of Baron Wrangel. After going through a Civil war, in 1925 VLaces has successfully finished courses average commanders, and in 1928 – the school of senior commanders. In the same year he was entrusted with the command of the battalion, in 1930 – the regiment in 1939, the division, and in 1940-m – crew. His most recent assignment was the position of chief of 2-nd shock army of the Volkhov front (15 April 1942).

report to the enemy

After describing his biography of A. A. Vlasov betrayed the oath, explained to Wehrmacht officers all the information they need on the Volkhov front and the 2nd shock army. The traitor spoke in detail about the composition and deployment of the 52nd, 59th, 2nd and 4th armies. Vlasov gave even the psychological portrait of the commander of the Volkhov front, General of the army, Kirill Meretskov, noting his selfishness and tendency to drunkenness. However, such an initiative can be attributed to the antagonism has long existed between the generals. Further Vlasov reported that forces of the 2nd shock army greatly exhausted, and the supply and replenishment of reserves goes from bad to worse (mid-March 1942). During the interrogation, the Germans also learned about how information about the number of German troops available to the user of the Volkhov front: it was assumed that military operations are conducted against a fully equipped 6-8 divisions of the Wehrmacht. According to Vlasov, before the 2nd shock army was tasked to take Luban, and then, joining with the 54th army, to strike a joint blow to the German group in the area Chudovo-Luban. In may 1942, Vlasov was summoned to Malaya Vishera in front of the headquarters, where he instructed the evacuation of the Volkhov boiler. During this task Vlasov from the remnants of combat units, suffered heavy losses on 12 July 1942, was captured. At the end of the interrogation Vlasov revealed to the Germans the plans of the command about emerged from the environment of the parts of the 2nd shock army, and the 54th and 4th armies, who were ordered to hold the Northern part of Volkhov bridgehead. In addition, Lieutenant-General said that, in his opinion, the attempted release of Leningrad would continue, although the available forces to make eit is not possible. Notably, Vlasov decided everything else to criticize the institution of Commissars, saying that it interferes with the successful military actions of the red Army. For example, it was not during the Finnish war, and commanders more effectively manage the soldiers.

country profile

in addition to providing military information to the Germans demanded that the Vlasov description of the General condition of the USSR in the spring-summer of 1942. In response, the traitor as I could in detail consulted the enemy. In particular, reported that the majority of recruits is the age group of people 1898-1923 he was born. New regiments and armies are formed from the recruits on the Volga and in the South of the country. The military industry is concentrated in the South-Eastern Ural, where evacuated enterprises from covered by the fighting of the European part of the USSR. Moreover, from the viewpoint of the Vlasov industry of the Urals capable of a long period of time to provide the Red Army with arms and ammunition in adequate quantities. Interested in the Germans and the supplies from the allies of the United States and England, as well as the possibility of opening a second front. To this the Lieutenant-General replied that foreign weapons in the army he had not seen, and the second front, in his opinion, could be opened in France in the near future. About future plans of the Soviet command Vlasov reported that on Stalin’s orders, No. 130, may 1, the Germans must be during the summer of 1942, completely knocked out from the territory of the USSR. This planned offensive at Kharkov and Moscow. At the end of the interrogation Vlasov listed what the top leaders of the red Army and what positions he occupied at the time of his capture.

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