Money in Travel company Thomas Cook has struggled for a long time with a lot of problems, and it is not a solution had to be found. Yesterday it was the fabric for the 178-year-old British company. The British people were missing, among others, the shift to online sales, where people of the internet, however, clearly were. Also, brexitonzekerheden did Thomas no good at all.

Thomas Cook has been very good for holiday relaxation of millions of visitors. The opening of the British business was, however, not entirely come as a surprise. Thomas was weighed down by a debt burden of 2.1 billion euros. The negotiations on a bail-out plan were to ultimately come to nothing because of each and every time, it was clear that more money will be needed for the venture to survive.

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But how can it be that a large organisation such as Thomas Cook, as one is gone? One of the reasons for this is that as Thomas Cook continued to hold on to hundreds of physical, booking agencies around the world. Not until at least 2017, after the combination of the skills of Expedia, was the ability of the onlineboeken more clearly embraced it.

in addition, the internet has helped holidaymakers will often make their own travel selections. Due to the easy to use online to compare prices and the different elements of a holiday such as flights, accommodation is easy to arrange. Thomas Cook has continued to mostly hold on to the package.