What kind of bombers the Germans had left to fight with the red Army

History 06/02/20 Any of the bombers the Germans had left to fight with the red Army

Widely known to use Japanese in the latter stages of world war II kamikaze bombers who rammed enemy ships by planes or mini-submarines. The image of the kamikaze steeped in romantic aura. Much less is known about the Nazi bombers in the fight against the red army. And definitely no romance around them is not and can not be.

Ideological suicide bombers

In an attempt to hold the Red Army, the leadership of Nazi Germany did not stop before any measures. The analogue of the famous Stalin’s order “not one step back!” itself was not, but the SS and Hitler youth without compunction used for a suicidal defense. Sometimes it was soldiers from units of the Volkssturm, who were left to defend themselves without any support. By the way, giving Paulus the rank of field Marshal, Hitler and thereby gave him the order to fight to the death: no German field Marshal had never surrendered. Paulus chose life and became the first.

Desperate resistance death rose in tandem with the advance of the red army to Berlin, but even the sacrifice of the Nazi soldiers could not restrain the offensive of our troops, although they suffered serious losses.

the bombers could be considered, and Tibetans from the personal security of Hitler. They all died during the defense of the Reich Chancellery, without attempting to break out of the encirclement or to surrender. There are many memoirs of Soviet soldiers discovered the corpses Reich Chancellery strange Asian-looking soldiers in German uniforms .

Chained to machine guns

However, the Nazi officers often did not hope for consciousness of the fighters. That’s why, if necessary, to cover the withdrawal of personnel, they left the soldiers chained to machine guns or bazookas. There is much evidence of such gunners, who have entrenched themselves in the basement or in the bell tower and holding the red army to the last breath in the truest sense of the word. On like writing, for example, German authors Russ Schneider and Paul Bourne in the book “Bombers of the Eastern front. For an unjust cause,” and “the Bomber of the Eastern front”, respectively. On repeated mentions these episodes in his memoirs, veteran of the 5th shock army of the red army Solomon Frankel.

However, remained unclear decision-making mechanism – the draw, the order of the officer or the sentence of the court-martial. Apparently, in each case individually. Often chained to the machine guns the soldiers left in Pillboxes or Bunkers, supplying water, food and ammunition. I. I. Polushin, Leningrad sniper-soldier. In his memoirs, “Leningrad” writes: “From the machine gun, were quite young looking soldier with a grey head. He was chained by the left wrist to the gun; steel tape cartridges were intact. Naydenov bayonet broke the chain and freed the Germans from a machine gun. A suicide bomber with gratitude looked at the Russian soldier, saying something in his language…”.

Sometimes, that such suicide and shot, but more often fought to the end.

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