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Biography of North Korean leaders is shrouded in many mysteries and legends. This is especially true of the Eternal President of the DPRK – Kim Il-sung, even information about the birth of his son, Kim Jong Il is shrouded in numerous rumors. There are at least 5 unofficial and one official version of his birth. It is particularly interesting that one of the most amusing of them is, in the opinion of most historians – the truth.

Yuri Irsenovich Kim

According to BBC and NNDB, which are based on Soviet and Chinese documents, a Great Leader was born in the village of vyatskoe, located near Khabarovsk. At birth was named Yuri Irsenovich Kim. Despite the fact that Koreans have patronymics are missing, due to the fact that the child was born in the Soviet Union, a choice his father was not and had to specify the name according to the Russian traditions.

it Should be understood that Kim Il sung, who in 1948 became the first head of the DPRK, at the time, was just a battalion commander of one of brigades of the red army, which was prepared on the occasion of the opening of a second front against Japan as a sabotage detachment. At birth, the father of Kim Jong-Il couldn’t even think what fate awaits this child, and himself.

of Course, after the family returned to Korea, the child and the name change to the usual Korean analogue: Yuri became Il. Another interesting fact is that Yuri Irsenovich Kim had a younger brother – Alexander. He tragically died shortly after the family returned to their native land. Moreover, data about Alexander even less than about all the rest of Kymi, therefore, not the fact that Kim Jong Il would become the successor of his father.

Kim Jong-UN – the Y.

Interesting is the fact that if the history of this famous Korean family would have turned out a little differently, Kim Jong-UN, the current leader of the DPRK, quite a could be the usualing Russian patronymic – Yu.

And most likely was this outcome, as his grandfather, Kim Il sung only with great luck was able to take his post, if it did not work, then most likely he would have continued a military career in the red army. By the way, when Kim Il sung was appointed as the interim Chairman of the National Committee (as the order was issued on the Kremlin, as Korea at that time was entirely a puppet state), he had for some time tried to protest, as a military career attracted him more and he didn’t want to go into politics.

But as a real soldier – an order he complied, and it was so good that until now, it is a direct descendant sole charge of North Korea. So Kim Il sung and made it impossible for his son Kim Jong-Il to stay an ordinary Russian guy named Yuri, and his grandson, respectively, to wear a sonorous patronymic – Yu.

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