What is the order of the great Patriotic war did not have to pass to the government upon the death of the owner

Another 04/02/20 What is the order of the great Patriotic war did not have to pass to the government upon the death of the owner

After 1977, absolutely all the awards were repayable after the death of their owner. But to this rule there was one exception. With this exception of this military order became particularly favored in the people.

Tsarist rule

the Institute awards formed only in the XVIII century. As stated in the encyclopedia “History of Russia of XVIII-XX centuries” edited by A. Shubin and P. Cherkasova, at the end of the 1690-ies Peter the great founded the country’s first order – the order of Saint Apostle Andrey Pervozvannogo. Since the inception of the awards the Emperor ordered her knights to be on the order of Assembly (“Chapter of the knights present”) to discuss various questions about the orders, the merits of the candidates and election officials. In 1797, all the Russian orders formed a single order of General status and the administration, which was named the Chapter of the Russian knight of the order.

at the same time, a practice has developed not only rewarding, but also return orders. The fact that after the death of the hero his reward was to be returned to the Chapter of orders. At least this fact is mentioned in the publication “Peter II Petrovich Negosh and Russia” (University of Dmitry Pozharsky, 2013). However, since the end of the reign of Nicholas I, this rule is not actually enforced. Meanwhile, a similar practice of “migrated” in Soviet Russia. However, basically state return only of the order of the representatives of the high command. Due to this, the rewards are not lost and are now stored in museums.

national award

Despite the above facts, a rule that awarded after his death his relatives were obliged to take all orders to the state actually existed. However, as the authors of the publication “Awards, insignia and uniforms The great Patriotic war” Viktor Shunkov, Igor Gusev, Denis Taras and Andrey Yadlowski, up to 1977, the exception was only one award – the order of the Patriotic war. Vyacheslav Bondarenko, the author of the book “100 great awards in the world”, believes that precisely because the order of the Patriotic war was kept in the family of the soldier, he does deserve such a reverent and loving attitude of the people.

However, according to Bondarenko, in the beginning, this award has received the symbol “For military valor”. The name “Patriotic war” — it is a merit of one of the authors of the project Sergey Dmitriev. Sergei Dmitriev and Alexander Kuznetsov had to develop a sketch a few days. The corresponding order of Joseph Stalin gave the 10 April 1942, and the 18th of the same month and year the sample orders have already been cast in metal. Despite the fact that the award was made of gold and silver, she didn’t have to return to the state after the owner’s death. Only in 1977, the order of the Patriotic war became subject to repayment.

current law

In this regard, it is interesting and modern legislation. As stated in the publication “Family law” A.V. Vishnjakova, state awards (namely the title Character, and other honorary titles of the Russian Federation, and also orders, medals and decorations (including the Soviet Union) are not included in the estate. This means that in accordance with paragraph 12 of the Regulations on state awards of the Russian Federation, approved by presidential decree dated March 2, 1994 No 442, these awards may be transferred only to the heirs of the first stage, i.e. the spouse, parents or children. In that case, if the heirs of the first stage the deceased has not awarded all of his medals to be returned to the Office of President of the Russian Federation on personnel questions and the state awards.

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