What is the most recent advice regarding the type of mask you should wear?

It all depends on your situation. However, health officials recommend that it cover your nose, mouth, and neck.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that masks have at least two layers and a nosewire to stop air from leaking out of the top. You can check the light blocking ability of your mask by holding it up. If it does, then the fabric will filter out more particles.

Experts recommend wearing two masks to provide extra protection.

Laura Kwong, assistant professor in environmental health sciences, University of California, Berkeley, states that it is important to choose a mask that you feel comfortable wearing.

The CDC has updated its guidance to say that disposable N95 masks can be purchased if supplies are available. These masks are most effective in blocking virus particles. Although N95 masks were previously recommended for health workers only, supplies have increased.

Clear masks and cloth masks with clear panels are available for people who interact with deaf or hearing impaired individuals. Officials from the Health Department recommend that transparent medical masks be used for patients and health workers who require them.