What is the most dangerous gadget for children in isolation: meets ophthalmologist

How much time on gadgets in day spends the child? What is more harmful — a TV or a phone? And how to distribute the load on vision in isolation?

this was told by famous Novosibirsk ophthalmologist, candidate of medical Sciences Director, eye care centers, “the Eye” Irina Smirnova.

— In terms of isolation eyestrain increased, children began to spend more time with the gadgets. But we must not forget the scientific fact: it contributes to the development of myopia — warns the doctor.

the Most dangerous gadget — phone. And it’s not just the small screen, and in too short of a distance to eye: only 18-20 cm.

— In this sense, TV is the least evil. It has a large screen, still image and is at a distance of 3-4 meters, — concludes the doctor.

In 2017, a British ophthalmologist David Allamby formulated the rule screen security “1-2-10 feet”
at a distance of 30 cm from the eye must be the phone.
at a distance of 60 cm monitor;
at a distance of 3 meters — TV.

— there are three important points: No more than 30 minutes you can spend at the computer continuously is not less than 60 cm should be up to the monitor and definitely need breaks. If online lessons, then at least 15-20 minutes. If other classes more. At this time it is good to move, to play, to go to the balcony. And be sure to look into the distance.

you Can help children and make a special mark on the glass. Glue the small circle (3-5 mm) at the eye level of the child. It can be a smiley face or a clay point. During a break you need to go to the window no more half a meter and perform simple exercises: alternately see first point, then into the distance. Even five minutes of such gymnastics will be enough.