What is the cult of the gun was the Cossacks

Weapons 02/01/20 What the cult of the gun was the Cossacks

Personal weapons, it is also “clear the weapon”, has always meant much for the Cossacks. It is different from “free” people from the sovereign, the gentry and slaves. Cossacks were proud of the skill with a lance, a sword, a Bebutov, sword when in combat could be useful even whip. However, some types of weapons, the Cossacks were treated with contempt.

“What am I, the Armenians, the dagger to buy?”

Traditionally, it was believed that praise is a weapon of a Cossack at his house — same as “to give the owner money.”

“no matter How poor Cossack, and the decoration of arms, he always cares and just “enable prosperity”, abdelaal it in silver, with patterns and black” — he wrote in 1865 in the magazine “Military collection”, the anonymous author, who traveled to the Caucasus.

Although the Cossacks made weapons, they often had the opportunity to get hold of the trophy, especially the highlanders. So bought and paid for service not used the Cossacks respect.

“We were in the Caucasus, where the purchase of weapons is considered a disgrace. Get it, steal, take out the enemy, but do not buy” — recalled the Civil war Sergey Mamontov about the customs of the village Chernolutsky.

this is Especially true for the dagger — it could only receive as a gift, inherited or acquired in battle. The first dagger the boy is 3-5 years, gave his own grandfather. In the Kuban and the Terek were saying that daggers are buying only the Armenians (and they are then resold). Bought the dagger didn’t trust — it was considered that such weapons will fail and with him at all good luck don’t wait. Note also that, unlike the mountaineers, the Cossacks did not use podchinennymi knives.

If the Cossacks resented the gun culture of the Armenians, the peoples of the North Caucasus did not approve of the weapon of the Cossacks. For example, the Circassians were compared with the peaks don “reeds”. They don’t even redeemed those of their compatriots who byli injured peaks. This attitude was passed on to the peaks of the Kuban and Terek Cossacks, and they eventually abandoned this traditional weapon. Although Kuban it probably was not easy — their grandfathers-Cossacks, armed with lances, and took another Ishmael.

the Cossacks and weapons of the twentieth century

a Certain shock experienced by Russian Cossacks, when in the early twentieth century they had to face machine guns, poisonous gases and other terrible weapons that were not found in earlier times.

“How much of every type of aircraft, tanks, firearms, — guns of diverse calibres and purposes, from simple field guns to heavy anti-aircraft guns and the notorious Soviet “Katyusha”; mortars, flamethrowers, dynomite; all kinds of mines; machine guns mounted and light; manual “machines”; “snipers” is a rifle with a telescopic sight finally simple rifle; hand grenades of different kinds — just not perechtesh in short our conversation — now abandoned to the armed forces,” wrote in 1944 ataman Pyotr Krasnov, speaking to the young generation of Cossacks who fought against the Soviet Union.

the Attitude to innovation was contradictory. On the one hand, in war all means are good. On the other, the most far-sighted leaders understood that because of the proliferation of such weapons century cavalry dies.

Recognizing the perfection “of machines for the extermination of people”, the same Peter Krasnov said proudly that own “penny instrument of the past” was much more difficult than to control the gun, even though he was made of “hundreds of small parts.” To cut a sword, the Cossack from the childhood trained on the vines, watermelons and lamb carcasses. So one of its kind, he terrified the enemy. Shooting from automatic weapons, according to Krasnov, it is often aimless and only “encourages the enemy.”

Note that the correctness Krasnov proved not his fighters, collaborators, and the Cossacks who fought on the side of the red Army. Seemed at first glance a suicideOh Kushchevskaya attack on 2 August 1942 spent the Cossack units of the red army in the Kuban. Cossacks of the Kuban 13 division moved against the mountain infantry divisions of the Germans, which was, according to some, artillery and tanks. As a result, the Nazis managed to dislodge from the positions they lost about 5 thousand people. The loss of the Cossacks in the battle was 2 times less.

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