01.08.2022, Österreich, Linz: Kerzen, Blumen und ein Foto sind bei einer Gedenkveranstaltung der Initiative #YesWeCare in Erinnerung an die oberösterreichische Ärztin Lisa-Maria Kellermayr in Linz zu sehen. Der Tod von Lisa-Maria Kellermayr, die zuletzt wegen Morddrohungen aus der Szene der Impfgegner ihre Praxis geschlossen hat, hat tiefe Betroffenheit ausgelöst. Foto: Fotokerschi.At/Hannes Draxler/APA/dpa - ACHTUNG: Nur zur redaktionellen Verwendung im Zusammenhang mit einer aktuellen Berichterstattung und nur volles Format, kein Ausschnitt und nur mit vollständiger Nennung des vorstehenden Credits +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

After the suicide of the Austrian doctor Lisa-Maria Kellermayr, who was threatened by opponents of the Corona measures, many questions are still unclear. Here’s what we know about the doctor’s death.

An autopsy on the doctor’s body has now confirmed a suicide. The Wels public prosecutor announced on Wednesday that this is evident from the provisional autopsy result. “In particular, there were no indications of third-party interference.”

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At first, the authorities did not consider an autopsy necessary. However, two relatives had requested such a step on Tuesday, which the district court agreed.

Last Friday, doctor Lisa-Maria Kellermayr was found dead in her practice in Seewalchen on Lake Attersee in Upper Austria. The competent public prosecutor’s office in Wels had committed suicide. The 36-year-old left three farewell letters.

The suicide was preceded by months of threats against the doctor, who had publicly advocated the introduction of compulsory corona vaccination last year. In November 2021, she criticized opponents of vaccination who were demonstrating in front of a hospital in Wels, Upper Austria. At the time, Kellermayr wrote on Twitter: “A demo by the conspiracy theorists is leaving the path under the eyes of the authorities and is blocking both the main entrance to the clinic and the Red Cross rescue exit.”

The police called the doctor’s tweet a “false report”. A second driveway was available for ambulances. From this point on, opponents of the Corona measures pounced on Kellermayr. She was insulted and received “death threats from the Covid measures opponents and vaccination opponents scene,” tweeted Kellermayr.

Some of her opponents even appeared in her practice under the pretext of treatment, reports the ARD “Tagesschau”. The people would have disturbed the practice and spread cell phone videos of it.

Kellermayr made the threats public and criticized the fact that neither the police nor the Austrian Office for the Protection of the Constitution had offered any help.

The Austrian television channel “Puls 24” quotes a memo from the Upper Austrian police: “Overall, the impression was increasingly gained that Dr. Kellermayr is trying in different ways to broaden the public perception of her person by putting pressure on the investigating authorities.

Kellermayr doesn’t know what else to do and hires an armed security guard for her practice and installs security doors. At the end of June 2022, she temporarily closed her practice. So far she has spent 100,000 euros on her safety.

“Under these most adverse conditions, I did everything to ensure medical care for the patients entrusted to me,” she tweeted. She is sorry, she wrote when she announced the final end of her practice just a few days before her suicide.

The Austrian police are investigating several unknown perpetrators, reported “Puls 24”, citing the investigators. The public prosecutor’s office dropped investigations into one of their opponents in June because the suspect was from Germany. A German “hacktivist” offered her help, reports the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard”. Two men, a neo-Nazi from the Berlin area and an Upper Bavarian, who threatened Kellermayr with a “people’s tribunal”, were quickly identified.

Instead of using the results, the Upper Austrian public prosecutor’s office attacked the computer specialist, as the newspaper writes in another article. This exceeds their competence.

In the meantime, public prosecutors in Germany are also investigating the threats against the doctor. “There is an investigation against a male person from Upper Bavaria,” confirmed a spokesman for the Munich II public prosecutor’s office on Tuesday.