Calgary works hard to stay connected to its history while creating jobs that allow the city to build into the future with technology and inventive thinking. But, if you’ve never been and don’t know much about the city, it can be difficult to understand what all of the hype is about.


These are the top things people associate with Calgary!  If you’re ever in town, take a look around, and you may see signs of these all over the city.

The Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is a mix of every entertainment possible that happens every July in Calgary.  Bringing in millions of tourists every year, this event focuses mainly on the rodeo and animal exhibition, but also has a festival, several concerts, and many different ways to stay entertained.


Every inch of the Calgary Stampede is built for entertainment, so aim for a visit for early July so that you can see what all of the hype is about!

Prince’s Island Park

Prince’s Island Park is a quiet park that allows you to escape the rush and work of downtown Calgary and enjoy beautiful greenery and the Bow River.  This park has everything from gorgeous trees to yearly events and even a restaurant tucked away so that you can stop for a meal while you’re in the park.


This is a must-stop even if you’re only in Calgary for a day because of all of the events hosted in different parts of the park!  You’ll get to enjoy something new every single day.

The 1988 Winter Olympics

If you’re looking at Calgary homes for sale, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard that Calgary is an Olympic city!


Holding the winter games, also known as the Calgary 1988 games, everything from skiing to figure skating was held here for two weeks in early 1988. It was the first winter game to be held over sixteen days to match the summer games and was intense competition for all 1,400 athletes from 57 nations that competed.

The Calgary Fire of 1886

Also known as the Great Calgary Fire of 1886, this fire didn’t kill anyone, but it completely demolished the city.  It was the first major fire in Calgary, and because of its damage, it’s become an iconic piece of history.  Taking out much of the city’s two main streets, this fire did enough damage to make city planning start from scratch.

Heritage Park Historical Village

This historical village is a living history museum that allows you to interact with the past!  Every inch of this park encourages fantasy as it helps you step back into the past and see how life was led in the 1800s.


Over 180 exhibits spread out across 127 acres of land and encourage visitors to enjoy getting to know the history that made Calgary into the amazing city it is today.  Escaping into this fantasy can be a lot of fun, so don’t shy away from giving this village a visit!


Calgary is a city unlike any other!  Stop in and see what’s making everyone so excited to live here.