What in the USSR, studied German tank crews before the great Patriotic

History 17/01/20 What in the USSR, studied German tank crews before the great Patriotic

After Germany’s defeat in world war I under the terms of the Versailles Treaty, as the losing side, was forbidden to have full-fledged armed forces. Berlin, knowing that without a modern army to its former greatness of Germany is not to revive, looking for the ways of peace. Ally in the training of military personnel of the Reichswehr became the USSR — another European outcast of that period.

the Soviet Union and Germany, recognizing the importance of armored forces in modern warfare, have decided to work together to develop in this direction. The Germans suggested to the Soviet side to open on the territory of Russian tank school. Since the USSR at that time had neither the technology nor the industrial capacity nor the expertise to create a full-fledged armored forces, Moscow agreed.

the learning Organization

In 1926 a contract was signed, which is not far from Kazan was created a tank school. She passed the buildings of the former Imperial barracks, training field, shooting range, range. Berlin has organized the repair of classrooms and boxes, outfitted them with special equipment. In the spring of 1927 in “Kama” was constantly 42 German. Among them were teachers by the firing of guns and machine guns, instructor radiodelu, 5 driving instructors tanks and heads of educational flows.

On the Soviet side was given an administrative part and object protection. Led by the school of the German chief, to obey the directives of the German armed forces. When chief was a Soviet officer, which provided communication between the parties. Moscow assumed the costs of fuel, ammunition and repair of all equipment.

After the preparatory work, in the spring of 1929 started full practice sessions. Cadets were taught to drive tanks, shooting, modes to the groupsdivisions and interaction with different branches of the military. Training in “Kama” was not a mass, for 4 years it has produced up to 40 German soldiers.

the Stay of students in the school were kept secret. German soldiers came to the USSR through Poland with their passports, but under the guise of working professionals, traveling to Russia for employment. By 1933 the project “Kama” was completed.

notable alumni of the school “Kama”

the walls of “Kama” were trained over 250 Soviet and 40 German soldiers. In the future, many German officers had a successful career and returned to the Soviet Union as the invaders. The rank of General was received by the cadets Victor Linnarz, Johann Haarde, Richard Koll, Theodore Kretschmer — all of them during the second world war he commanded the armored divisions. The last head of the “Kama” Joseph Kharp during the war was responsible for the management of tank armies.

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