What Hitler wrote in his message to Stalin, happy birthday

History 09/02/20 What Hitler wrote in his message to Stalin, happy birthday

Diplomatic relations with the young Soviet Russia and Germany after the First World war, resumed in 1922, when the RSFSR and the Weimar Republic signed the Treaty, proclaiming the failure of the parties from mutual claims. Document intensified trade between Berlin and Moscow, and also marked the beginning of military-technical cooperation of the red Army and the Reichswehr against the background of a humiliating failure for the German side of the Versailles Treaty. After the lesson, Stalin the post of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b) in Lipetsk has appeared Russian-German flight school, and in Kazan tank school, where he was able to learn the students of the two friendly countries.

Change orientation

In 1933, after coming to power Hitler came to some cooling in relations, and joint military projects were closed. In Nazi Germany openly declared the militarization of the Reich and a possible rematch on the European stage. In addition, the country left the League of Nations and the organization for disarmament. Amid new threats of the French Minister Joseph Paul-Boncour and the people’s Commissar of foreign Affairs Maxim Litvinov begin negotiations on the creation of the so-called Eastern Pact against Germany, in which the parties planned to include independent Baltic countries and with Poland, Czechoslovakia. All interested parties were unable to reach agreement and a serious blow to the Covenant was the murder of the French politician Jean-Louis Barthou Bulgarian nationalist, who was in charge of the NSDAP. Pierre Laval, the successor of Bart, began the rapprochement with Germany. There is a version that he was a puppet of the Nazi regime, as after 1940 became one of the leaders of the collaborationist movements.

the Convergence of

After the annexation of Czechoslovakia and the Sudetenland, the Nazis intensified Soviet-French-British negotiations. Soviet diplomacy has suffered Neuthe country in the field of treaties of collective security, therefore, in may 1939, Stalin takes the people’s Commissar Maxim Litvinov from his post, appointing in his place of Vyacheslav Molotov. The Soviet Union begins to lead a new international politics waiting for a new conflict with Western countries. Stalin wanted to benefit from the contradictions anticonference Germany and the UK with France, but wanted to delay a possible conflict with the Reich. On 23 August 1939 the foreign Minister of Germany Joachim von Ribbentrop signed the Molotov non-aggression Pact. By the secret additional Protocol of the Soviet Union to protect the borders could safely operate in the Baltic States, Finland, Bessarabia and Eastern Poland, without fear of sanctions from Germany. Already on 17 September 1939 the red army launched an operation in the Commonwealth, adding former Polish territory to the Ukrainian, Belorussian and Lithuanian republics.

courtesy of amid invasion

After the signing of the Treaty of German-Soviet relations improved, and in Soviet Newspapers appeared often friendly telegrams. Since publication of “Pravda” on 23 December of the same year printed greeting Hitler on the occasion of the anniversary of leader in which the head of the Reich wished good health to Stalin and “happy future for the peoples of the friendly Soviet Union”, perhaps implying enslavement after its military campaign. After the surrender of Paris Stalin, in his turn, to Berlin sent a congratulatory telegram, which is not surprising since France was the first country in Europe organized record of volunteers for the participation of Finland in the Soviet-Finnish war, and was planning an attack on the Soviet areas, which seemed too radical in the UK. December 18, 1940 Hitler authorized the final preparations for the plan “Barbarossa”, the official German face strongly misinformed the Soviet side, explaining the presence of troops on the Eastern borders necessary.

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