What has become of Lenin's brain in the Third Reich

History 01/02/20 What has become of Lenin’s brain in the Third Reich

a post-mortem study of Lenin’s body remains a state secret behind seven seals. Despite the popularity of comparative genetic studies at the present time, have not yet made public, even the Y-chromosomal and mitochondrial haplogroups, “leader of the world proletariat.”

Especially a lot of rumors around the brain of Lenin. In his time in the white emigre anti-Soviet print publications have appeared that he was affected with syphilis, and that was the cause of death of Lenin and his dementia in his last years. In 1990-e years such publications series began to appear in Russia. No official denials followed. The oral denial of the scientists of the Institute of brain, Russian Academy of medical Sciences, is not supported by any published materials, give rise to legitimate suspicion.

of Great interest is also the fate of Lenin’s brain, sent by the Soviet government in 1930 in Germany. This story restored from the fragmentary mentions in the media, but much of it remains unknown.

the GPU and pseudoscientists Barchenko

In 1921, the Cheka (from 1922, the OGPU) was organized a Special Department dealing with the problems of classification and declassification of information. The main subjects of the special Department was encrypting and decrypting intelligence. But in addition in the special Department also worked on the problems, the border between science and mysticism. Formally entering the Cheka-OGPU special Department directly subordinate to the Central Committee of the CPSU(b). At the head of the special Department was set experienced security officer, member of the Bolshevik party since 1900 Gleb Boki.

In the special Department were recruited different people – experts and outright charlatans posing as scientists. It was especially easy in conditions when the majority of decent scientists were forced to leave Soviet Russia. In addition, mass psychology generated by the revolution, had created an aura of trust around rollicking representations of pseudo-scientists, who promised in one fell swoop solve all the problems of science and the secrets of religion.

One of these quacks was Alexander Barchenko, Bokii personal friend. Before the revolution, he gained fame as a mystic and a psychic. Barchenko went to the Himalayas to find Shambhala, he published a book about it, was the organizer of the different Ouija. Barchenko was proved the reality of telepathy and telekinesis. In 1920, he managed to get to the Institute of Professor Bekhterev in St. Petersburg. Boki took Barchenko in the special Department of the Cheka.

In those years Barchenko has organized several expeditions to the Kola Peninsula. In these studies, despite the hunger and devastation in the country, the Council of people’s Commissars generously allocated money. In early 1923 Soviet Newspapers reported that Barchenko found on the Kola Peninsula, traces of ancient civilizations of the Earth. After that, the topic in the media died out.

And so, when in January 1924, the founder of the Soviet state died, Barchenko was assigned to organize examinations of the skull of Lenin and study his brain. Barchenko promised to reveal the secret of Lenin’s genius. That would give the Bolsheviks in the hands of extraordinary superweapon to crush the world bourgeoisie – a massive impact on people’s thoughts at a distance.

a year Passed, and no positive results from Barchenko was not achieved. Then the Bolsheviks decided to turn to the real experts. Since they mostly stayed abroad in the Soviet Union was invited by the German Professor of neurophysiology Oskar Vogt.

Dr. Vogt and cutting Lenins brain

Vogt has provided a vast field of action. That Vogt became the organizer of the Moscow brain Institute. Vogt decided to put Lenin’s brain, to study its subtle structure, microcomedone. The newly invented device he spent two years cut the whole brain of Lenin on 30 thousand very thin layers. Then three years was studying about thesamples in Russia.

Vogt has appeared several times in print, every time Reaffirming that will be disclosed is material, the physiological causes of the genius of Lenin. But in any international peer-reviewed journal, so has not appeared publications on the results of the study of Lenins brain. It appears that all this activity was also pseudoscientific bluff, just on a larger scale (including Finance) than the one that worked the psychic self-taught Barchenko.

In 1930, Vogt went back to Germany. He was allowed to take with them for further research some of Lenin’s brain. Further traces of this relic are lost.

What became of the Berlin fragment of Lenin’s brain during the war,

From 1930 to 1937-the year, Vogt was Director of the Berlin Institute for the study of the brain of the Kaiser Wilhelm. When this position was dismissed by the Nazis, Vogt founded his private institution in the mountains of the black forest. But Lenin’s brain had to stay in Berlin. What became of them?

the English Wikipedia there is a mention, like the famous Belgian neuroscientists Lido van Bogart and Andre Dewolf spoke once with the statement that the Red army in April 1945 stormed Berlin only to get back the pieces of Lenin’s brain! This, of course, ridiculous. In addition, the mention is not supported by any references.

But still the question remains: when Lenin’s brain was re-assembled entirely in the Institute of the brain and whether it was assembled at all?

theoretically possible to assume three options.

the First fragments of Lenin’s brain, who was studying in Germany, was returned to the USSR in the period of warming relations between the Communists and the Nazis between August 1939 and June 1941.

Second: Lenin’s brain was re-assembled soon after in April 1945, Soviet troops took Berlin and occupied the building of the Institute, which previously was led by Vogt. Consequently, in 1941, in the evacuation from Moscow went only part of the brain Flaxin.

Third: the pieces of the brain of Lenin lost forever. Part of it could disappear in the fire of the Second world war, partly to settle in various foreign laboratories and even among collectors.

local experts keep on this subject the silence.

Yaroslav Butakov

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