What happened to the relatives of Dzhokhar Dudayev after his death

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in the Spring of 1996 as a result of getting homing missiles killed the leader of the “independent” Ichkeria Dzhokhar Dudayev. Like most Chechens, the policy had many relatives. As was their fate after the murder of the rebel General?

Alla Dudayeva

Ethnically Russian woman Alla Dudayeva (nee Kulikova) was the daughter of air force major Fedor Kulikov, who served together with Dudayev. Chechen military she got married in 1969, and all life in all supported him. In addition, Alla Fedorovna apostate in Islam.

if a woman was widowed, she left Chechnya in Nalchik therefrom to fly to Turkey but was detained at the airport. A month later the Russian authorities with the support of President Boris Yeltsin released Alla Dudayev, and she returned to Chechnya. Until 1999, the widow of the former President worked at the Ministry of culture of the breakaway Republic.

When the Second Chechen war, Dudayev, along with the children moved abroad. She preferred to live in Baku, Istanbul and Vilnius, although under Putin, the administration of Chechnya and asked her to return.

Alla Dudayeva is the official status of stateless persons in 2004. Twice the widow of General has tried to become a citizen of Estonia, on the territory of which in Soviet times served as Dudayev Dudayev. However, the authorities of the Baltic States refused her this.

In the end, the woman settled in Sweden, as of 2016, she lived in the vicinity of Stockholm. At the same time on the page of Alla Dudayev in Facebook as a place of residence specified in Tbilisi.

Alla Dudaeva wrote a book about her husband “a Million first”. She is known abroad as a poet and artist, thereby making money on the exhibitions and selling his paintings. Until 2012 Dudayev led the program “Caucasian portrait” in Georgian bodiesCanale “the First information Caucasian”. The widow of a separatist leader’s negative perception in the media about the Russian policy in the region. In addition, she told me that her family in material terms, lives no better than other Chechen refugees, but they are “not fussy”.


In the marriage of Dzhokhar and Alla Dudaev born sons Avlor (Ovlur) and Degas, and daughter, Dana.

Avlor in 2002, became a citizen of Lithuania under the Russian name Oleg Davydov. In the Baltic States he moved before his father’s death, after wounds received in a clash with Federal troops. Later he went to Sweden, where he prefers to live as a non-public entity.

the 35-year-old Degas, having Georgian citizenship, resides in Lithuania and managed by the VEO working in the field of alternative energy. In 2012 he participated in the Georgian show “Moment of truth” where the lie detector said that does not hate the Russian people, but if I could, I would revenge for my father. Also in an interview with the son Djohar Dudayev said that he lives in Vilnius, since the city can hear Russian speech.

In 2014, Digi fined in Lithuania for forging documents, this case received coverage in the media. When crossing the border of the country he had 7 fake passports, intended, apparently, to members of the Chechen Diaspora who want to move to Europe. The widow of the first President of Chechnya, saw in this fact “the machinations of the Russian special services.” Digi Dudayev keep an account on Instagram with more than 1,700 subscribers – a significant portion of publications on it dedicated to his father. In addition, he is friends with the younger son of the first Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia.

Dana with her husband Massoud Dudayev also lived for some time in Lithuania, but then went to Turkey. In 2010, she unsuccessfully attempted to settle in Sweden. As of 2013 he lived in Germany, apart from her husband settled in the UK. It is known that this family had a former militant Akhmed Zakayev.

Living in different countries to children raising five grandchildren Dzhokhar Dudayev.

Apart from the immediate relatives of the Chechen President had 12 brothers and sisters, all of whom were older than his age. As told to Alla Dudayeva, a significant part of the genus Dudaev was killed in the war, and the younger generation of the family has more than a dozen people.

Timur Sagdiyev

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