What happened to the doctors who autopsied Stalin

History 26/01/20 What happened to the doctors who autopsied Stalin

To date, the historians are the different assumptions about the causes of Stalin’s death from a brain hemorrhage before the poisoning. In this regard, researchers are usually interested in the circumstances and documents relating to the autopsy of the body of the leader. When we examine the testimonies and expert opinions, in this procedure, you can really detect a lot of suspicious moments.

Attending the opening

As rightly noted in his book “How poisoned Stalin” Sigizmund Mironin, even about the person who is holding the knife, autopsy, witness statements diverge. And indeed in the memories of witnesses appear the names and Strukova, and Kuznetsova, and Ovcina. So, the employee of MGB, riasne told that the Minister of health, Tretyakov dared myself to cut the leader, and therefore he ordered to do it Ivan Kuznetsov. But Rafael Grugman, author of “Death of Stalin”, reports that the autopsy was performed the pathologist Anatoly Strukov.

But if the presence at autopsy of people with medical education surprise is not the presence of this procedure guards seems at least strange. Meanwhile, there are those testimonies. For example, Mironin mentions that in the room with the pathologists were security guards of the leader — Khrustalev and hussars. Elena Prudnikov in his book “Stalin: the second murder” argues that the autopsy and observed Stalin’s bodyguard Basil Tuks. According to Prudnikova, head of the medical Department even showed Tukulu a blood clot that killed the “father of Nations”.

expert opinion

a Lot of questions from researchers and causes the conclusion of the experts about the disease and the death of Stalin. So, Yury Mukhin, the author of “Murderers Stalin and Beria”, with reference to historian Alexander Fursenko, writes that the clean version of the document is missing the date, and the draft says: “July, 1953”, that is, 4 months later, after Stalin’s death. In addition, according to the text of the conclusions, the conclusions were based on data from the medical journal that doctors were in early March. However, the journal of the history of the leader mysteriously disappeared.

However, and preserved documents also seem very suspicious. Rudolf Balandin in the book “Stalin’s Testament” says that the draft formal opinion mentioned stomach bleeding, which “contributed to the occurrence of repeated attacks of collapse,” resulting in death. That’s just in the finishing option indicate symptoms related to dysfunction of the stomach or of the liver, disappeared. They were removed from a draft of someone’s hand.

in addition to the act, which was supposed to reflect all the features of the body of Stalin, for some reason no data on fused on the left foot the fingers and shrunken left arm. This fact mentions in his book “1953. Deadly games” and Elena Prudnikova. According to Prudnikova, this step doctors went to the death certificate, published in the press, not shocked citizens. However Mironin version Prudnikova not believe claims that the document it was possible not to advertise. Moreover, that part of the act until the people came only in this century.

the fate of doctors

Despite the fact that, apparently, the pathologists did everything asked of them, many of those who were present at the autopsy on Stalin, suffered an unenviable fate. And it also leads to certain thoughts. So, Nikolai Zenkovich, author of “Encyclopedic dictionary of Russian life and history” with reference to Abdurrahman avtorhanova, reports that Professor Rusakov, who participated in the postmortem study of the corpse of the leader, soon died suddenly. The chief of the medical Department, Couperin andMinister of health, Tretyakov, together with two doctors arrested, convicted, and sent to a camp in Vorkuta.

According to Zenkovich, the fact that the above doctors have rehabilitated only a few years later, says that the traces associated with the death of Stalin, they were covering up not one Beria. With Zenkovich agree and Rudolf Balandin, who is sure that the forgery and other criminal acts have been perpetrated solely from a desire to hide even the hint that Stalin really was killed.

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