What foreign troops Hitler defended the Reichstag

History 12/01/20 Which foreign troops Hitler defended the Reichstag

the Storming of the Reichstag – one of the most heroic pages of the last days of the great Patriotic war. Mr. few people know that before the last round the building of Parliament of the Third Reich tried to defend not “pure-blooded Aryans”, and the foreign battalions “Waffen-SS”. Especially the red Army soldiers astonished to see among the defenders of the Reichstag of their own countrymen – Estonians.

“Tending to the Germans.”

In the early twentieth century city of the Baltic States, founded by the knights of the Livonian order, was still a German spirit and a largely German population. Suffice it to recall that in the Estonian Tallinn was born one of the main ideologists of Nazism, Alfred Rosenberg. Under the cultural influence of the Germans fell and migrated to the city, the Estonian peasants, to which the Russian had previously treated patronizingly and with a certain irony (from the time of Pushkin to the literature included the image of the “wretched Finn”). Not by chance one of the characters in the novel Gorky’s “Life of Klim Samgin” Lieutenant Petrov was indignant that “they live on the border, all of these Latvians, Estonians, Finns, and Germans tend to”. After 1917, the map does nearly were German Baltic Duchy.
a Few to dissociate themselves from the Germans, the Estonians tried during the first Republic. When in 1934, in Estonia was established the dictatorship of President Konstantin päts, was dissolved “the German-Baltic party”. Started astonishia German names and surnames. And just before the entry of Estonia into the Soviet Union left the country the majority of Germans.
However, within 1 year held under the power of Stalin, the Estonians hated the Communists. Under these conditions, the centuries-old oppressors – the Germans – was perceived by part of the population almost as liberators. When in 1942 began the formation of the Estonian SS Legion, many MSteli Baltic countries signed up to it volunteers. However, in 1943 and 1944 in Estonia, the choice was not – the power of Reichskommissariat Ostland went on to direct the mobilization of local youth in the legions.

Estonians in the “Waffen-SS”

Once into the service of the criminal regime, Estonians became complicit in the crimes of the Nazis. Soldiers of the Estonian SS units, according to Russian historians, had involved themselves in the punitive actions against the civilian population in the occupied territories, killing civilians and burning villages. And in September 1944, shortly before the liberation of Tallinn, the Estonians, together with the Germans killed 3000 Jewish prisoners of the labour camp Klooga. They were taken into the woods and shot. So the willingness of the Baltic States to obey the German owners have been repeatedly confirmed, in fact, even when the front has moved hundreds of miles away from Estonia,
According to some, in the defense of Berlin Estonian SS scored together with the French division “Charlemagne” and Scandinavian division “Nordland”.
“the Last defenders of the Reichstag were the Waffen-SS Estonians and the French, about this little writing, but in vain. Better baits and the French discovered to their historical darkness for its people”, — wrote with indignation in 2017, the Russian politician and writer Eduard Limonov.
However, the veracity of this version there is significant doubt. The fact that the 1st Estonian (20th Grenadier) division of the SS in the spring of 1945 he fought in Czechoslovakia, and later almost entirely captured by Soviet troops. What the Estonian battalion could be involved in the defense of Berlin — no information.
In any case, to protect the Reichstag to Hitler’s command did not required the most reliable and ethnically flawless parts. In fact, this building was not for the Germans of the symbolic value that was attributed to him of Soviet propaganda. The Parliament in the Third Reich was disbanded in 1933 “useless”. During the Second world war, the Reichstag was working workshop for the production of electron tubes and the hospital. The real focus of the government in Berlin was the Reich Chancellery, which was the residence of the Fuhrer.

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