What facts of his biography hide Konstantin Rokossovsky

Biography 28/12/19 What facts of his biography hide Konstantin Rokossovsky

As you know, in the years of Soviet power, many people hid some facts of his biography, for example, “non-proletarian” origin or service in the Imperial army. Was no exception and Konstantin Rokossovsky. So, Marshal is always indicated in the questionnaires incorrect year and place of birth, and about this profession his father chose to remain silent.

date of birth

Even many modern sources point out, the wrong date of birth of Konstantin Rokossovsky. So, in the publication “Heroes of Russia” (by Yuri Lubchenkov) States that Marshall was born in 1896. Despite the fact that on said date he insisted Konstantin Konstantinovich, Vladimir Daynes, author of “Rokossovsky. A soldier’s Marshal,” argues that the military commander was born 2 years earlier. As evidence Daynes brings the text of the order of the 5th Dragoon Kargopol regiment, in which Rokossovsky did in 1914: “…the petty bourgeois of a commune village in Ostrovsky district Konstantin Rokossovsky, born in 1894, enlisted in the service…”.

it Seemed that shouldn’t exclude the fact that the person who fills out this document, could make a mistake. However, the historian Boris Sokolov argues that any error here. In his book “Rokossovsky”, Sokolov writes that Konstantin could not physically born in 1896. The fact that Marshall had a younger sister, Helena. On the gravestone of Helena Rokossovsky says: “1896-1982”. Brother and sister could not be born in the same year. Of course, if they weren’t twins or twins. Here only, according to Boris Sokolov, in this case, the son had to stay in the womb for more than 4 months: Helena was born in August, and Konstantin – December.

Reason for change date of birth

Vladislav Kardashov, who wrote one of the firstx biographies Konstantin Rokossovsky, was sure that Marshall called the wrong date of birth in order to hide another deception. Desire Rokossovsky to get in the 5th Kargopol Dragoon regiment was so great that he threw himself 2 years. According to Kartashova, the army then took at 21 years of age. However, so-called hunters, that is those who on their own engage in military ranks before reaching military age, took 20 years.

Place of birth and the reasons for its changes

However, the biographers as the date of birth Rokossovsky continue to be 1896. Here and Vladislav Artemov in the publication “Great names of Russia” writes that the Marshal appeared in that year. However, Artemov claims that the place of birth of Konstantin Konstantinovich is the city of Velikie Luki, which is also not true. At least in certain of Yuri Rubtsov, author of “Marshal Stalin”. Scars quotes an excerpt from the autobiography of Rokossovsky. He wrote: “Born in Warsaw in 1896”. As you can see, the date of birth has changed, but place of birth – not yet. Why Rokossovsky took the secrecy? One of the versions proposed by the grandson of a military commander.

the Assumption of Konstantin Rokossovsky Vilyevich mentions in his book and Boris Sokolov. A descendant of the Marshal claims that the twice hero of the Soviet Union, which was Rokossovsky, was supposed to install the bust. Usually the monument placed at the birthplace of the Hero. However, the Polish authorities probably would not like the demonstration of dependence on the USSR. Therefore, the place of birth of Konstantin Konstantinovich and changed. Perhaps the choice fell on the Great Luke due to the fact that there once were a manor Rokossovskogo, distant relatives of the commander.

not ancestors of

However, the relationship of hero of the Soviet power with the barons was probably not too comfortable, and for the most Rokossovsky. Because the true causes of change of a place of birth and remained unknown. However, there is evidence that Marshall really did hide information about their ancestors. Writes Alexander Pyltsyn in his book “the Truth about the penal battalion”, in 1920-ies Rokossovsky changed uncomfortable a Polish patronymic Xaverii more Russian Konstantinovich. However, according to Pulcina, there is no mystery. The fact that in Russian “Xaverie” often written as “S.”.

But his father, Rokossovsky really shy. At least, such conclusion can be drawn, traced the actions of the Marshal. Anatoly works done, the author of the book “Rokossovsky” results in literally the autobiography of Konstantin Konstantinovich who were emphasized his proletarian origin. “The father is a working driver for Rigaud-Orel, and then the Warsaw-Vienna railroad,” said Rokossovsky. Meanwhile, as noted in his book “the Great Russian generals and naval commanders,” Alexander Ermakov and Vladimir Krasnov, at the time of his son’s birth Rokossovsky, Sr. worked for the Warsaw railway auditor, that is, was an employee, not a work.

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