What events in the history of Russia predicted Russian writers

History 28/12/19 What events in the history of Russia predicted Russian writers

Russian literature is considered to be one of the greatest cultural achievements of mankind. Domestic classics are so well-felt life that could literally predict future events.

“Prediction” Lermontov

“there will Be a year of Russia the black, when kings crown will fall” – these lines of the young Mikhail Lermontov, written in 1830. The work is replete with terrible descriptions, predicting the Russian people’s hunger, epidemics and “the overthrow of the law” that in fact followed in 1917. In the image of a “powerful man” in the cloak of “damask-knife” in hand, you can learn the KGB, the NKVD, who wore leather coats.

“Lermontov possessed a remarkable gift of prophecy, not in the figurative and literal sense of the word,” said the philologist Leonid arinshtein.

a Direct connection between the prophecy of Lermontov and revolution felt by the contemporaries of the bloody events of the early XX century. For example, Nikita Okunev “the Diary of a Muscovite” in 1918 noted that “fulfilled “Prediction” of Lermontov.”

“Trichina” Dostoevsky

Then, after the revolution, readers remembered the dream Raskolnikov from the novel “Crime and punishment”. Fyodor Dostoevsky described “microscopic” spirits of trainou, sesudahnya people. Under their influence every person considered themselves to be “steadfast in truth”, which “entire villages, entire cities and peoples were infected and SUMASSHESTVIE”, started fires and famine. Remembering about this, Maximilian Voloshin in December 1917 wrote a poem that was called “Trichina”

“the prophecy: trichina

In body and in spirit dwell people.”

“the Diary of a writer” Dostoyevsky explicitly said that he foresees “a terrible, tremendous, spontaneous revolution” that will change the face of the world. As the prophecies from the standpoint of our time to read and geopolitical predictions writer:

“Not from Russia, and there has never been such haters, envious, slanderers and even obvious enemies, as all these Slavic tribes, only their little Russia will be released and Europe will agree to recognize them released!”

Written in 1877, these words were fully confirmed in the history of liberated Bulgaria, but in the future Poland and Ukraine.

“Red star”

In 1908, 9 years before the October revolution, was a novel of a Bolshevik science-fiction writer Alexander Bogdanov, “Red star”. Although its action takes place on Mars, the author has implemented a planned “trends” of the coming era. Already the title, as it is known, coincides with one of the future symbols of the country and its army. Bogdanov wrote about a classless society, free sexual relations, planned economy. In the novel in one form or another, mentioned jet engines for space flight, nuclear energy, television, automation, computers. Alexander Bogdanov carefully watched what his predictions are brought to life and even worked on the introduction of innovations. In 1926 he became Director of the world’s first Institute of blood, and after 2 years died from the effects of an experimental transfusion.

whether Pushkin “Russian Nostradamus”?

There are those who believe the prophet founder of the Russian literary language, Alexander Pushkin. However, we are not talking about works of art a classic. In the early 1990-ies in Taganrog surfaced some “philosophical tables” — the manuscript of the poet, which he allegedly sent the don Cossacks. The local press claimed that in this work Pushkin calculated model of human development and made a number of predictions. In particular, he allegedly claimed that in 1998, the Americans will cease to influence world politics, and the role of the “Eastern Slavs” will increase. Rather, in this case we are talking about fake. For research manuscript is not available, it is sold abroad. Traditional Pushkin (Boris Tomasevsky), believes that under the name of “philosophical tables” mentioned in the novel “Eugene Onegin”, there’s a little more prosaic — the book of the French mathematician, economist and statistics Charles Dupin — “the Productive and commercial powers of France.” Part published in tables affected Russia.

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