What equipment the soldiers of the red Army was the worst

History 12/01/20 What equipment the soldiers of the red Army was the worst

the Ease of use of the combat soldier’s equipment, reliability and security uniforms play a huge role. In the field good equipment protects the health and strength of a soldier, and hence his life. Soviet equipment of the forties was characterised by high durability and simplicity of operation, but what concerned the convenience and safety — these qualitative characteristics was not always on top. Irritation of warriors called masks — unwieldy, floppy bag and practically useless. Given the terrible experience of the First world war, when the use of chemical weapons demoralized troops more than cause damage to the enemy, the Germans abandoned mass application. Under the Statute, chemical protection gear each soldier had to carry and keep in order, which gave the extra trouble. Often soldiers on the sly masks thrown away, and bags were used as knapsacks.

Another thing that did not suit the soldiers of the red army with his weight, but in addition also unreliable — a Soviet ski. At the beginning of the war, they had lower quality, were uncomfortable and heavy. One of the soldiers of the famous “white devils,” so he spoke about this item of equipment: “one Solid bar! Here the Board took bent so all. These boards are often crooked”. As a result, Soviet skier was moving slowly and with great tension forces, in a combat situation significantly reduced the opportunities and increased the risk.

Another trouble for the feet of the red army was boots and winding. Before the war, when the army rapidly increased, to provide everyone with good boots failed. The Marines had to walk in an awkward, heavy, and pretty short-lived canvas shoes that marches especially complicated life. Especially suffered from the windings recruits: not knowing how to use them, they inevitably got injured. But the state these shoes were much cheaper leather boots. In the army, it was very popular captured German boots, made of leather and lined with sturdy nails. Due to cost ersatz materials were used for the manufacture of other items of equipment. The most paradoxical of them was a glass flask for water, in field conditions, providing the soldier the inevitable cuts rather than getting rid of thirst. But soon common sense prevailed, and glass jar do stop.

Some of the outfits was estimated in two ways. Boots during the thaw appeared someone the boot, because the boots stuck in the mud and leg when I step out of the shaft. Same with the overcoat in the winter — they could appreciate the radically different ways. Veteran M. G. Abdullin said: “the Floors of the long coat. In the campaign, or the attack is, of course, minus: clutching my leg, had to shove it under the strap to not interfere with escape. But during the night a minus becomes a plus — flooring overcoat is very comfortable to hide my warming feet.”

Many of the items of equipment of soldiers and officers changed in 1943 to the better as aesthetically pleasing (for example, many cheered the return of the shoulder straps) and practical. To wear become warmer, more comfortable, more became boots. But there were also items that were not loved until the very end of the war is not practical, but from a purely superstitious reasons. Of course, we are talking about soldiers “medallions” — a small black plastic case, into which each had put the form with filled in personal data — in case of death of the soldier’s medallion allowed him to identify and notify the family. But somehow, the red army EN masse, believed the form a bad sign that whoever did this will die, because he has already prepared. The vast majority of soldiers, therefore, forms not filled, and medallions were often thrown away. There was nothing we could do about it superstitious disdain to set the “top” rules. In the best case, the soldiers had scratched their names on aluminum spoons and pots. In practice, search engines filled lockets — an extremely rare and very valuable, allowing you to tell the descendants of the slain warrior the fate of those fallen for the Homeland of the ancestor.

As shown by the photographs, recordings and memories of the soldiers, the standards of issuance and use of the equipment and uniforms are often not respected. Like soldiers of all times and peoples, for the sake of convenience, the men adjusted their equipment to the specific needs of the environment in which they found themselves.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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