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History 28/01/20 Which means “the word of the officer” for the Russian military

the Etymology of this phrase dates back to the early nineteenth century – it is from this time in historical documents mentioned in this idiom, certainly implying the necessity of the possession of the officer’s honor and dignity.

When did the idiom

Historians have attributed the emergence of the phrase “the word of the officer” with the publication of the exhortation of the captain of the Royal army Valentin Kulchitsky “Advice to the young officer,” published in the early twentieth century. However, we know that “the Code of the Russian officer”, consisting of 26 items (the Kulchitsky 30), was made a century ago, in 1804 (author unknown). A few points Kulchitsky this Code added, but most of the instructions, including, and concerning the words of the officer, drawn from this common Charter of a century ago.

none of the 26 paragraphs of the Code of 1804, does not mention the idiom “the word of the officer”, which implies the observance of honor and dignity, but at 8 points one way or another it is invisibly present – for example, in the teachings not to promise if you can’t fulfill, not to mince words, including writing and…

the Fact that the phrase “the word of the officer” was not an empty sound for Russian officers long before the publication of the book Kulchytsky, evidenced by several of the historically proven facts of upholding the honor of those who gave such a word.

Price words

Alexander Kuprin’s story “the one-Armed commander”, written by eyewitnesses of those events of the Russo-Turkish war, recounts the history of the major Gortalov Fedor, 30 August 1877, gave the word to General Skobelev not to leave his redoubt at Plevna. When it became clear that the Turks will still take strengthening, Skobelev was transferred Gortalovo that frees it from the words of the officer. What the major said: “a Russian officer from Yesx they can only release death.” Gortalov soon died in the redoubt, bayoneted the enemy.

Another example of fidelity to the word of the officer leads the famous anarchist Peter Kropotkin in “memoirs of a revolutionist,” written in the late nineteenth century. Name of the officer, insulted the son of Alexander II, the future Russian Emperor Alexander III, Kropotkin does not mention. The author said that the crown Prince severely abused this man, and the officer, in writing, asked His Highness to apologize. It added: in case of refusal gives the word of the officer to kill himself. The crown Prince did not apologize, the officer later indicated by him in a letter the day it was shot.

a Colleague of the famous Russian pilot Pyotr Nesterov, the first pilot in the history of military aviation, who in August 1914 air RAM, Victor Sokolov remembering that Aviator also gave authorities the word of the officer to knock the Austrians, and kept him at the cost of his own life.

related to the word officer in the Soviet and Russian armies

Lieutenant-Colonel, candidate of philosophical Sciences Boris Valeev in the late 80-ies in the article “the honor of an Officer” wrote that the previous notion of the word of the officer and other attributes of honor and dignity of servicemen in uniform nominally in any documents is not fixed, except in the position of the officers ‘ courts of honor. Disciplinary Charter of the Armed forces of the USSR, the word of the officer was identified only as an order that “the law for subordinate”.

And Boris Valeev, and, later, consultant of the Department of educational work and prevention of delinquency in the army of the 1st Department of the Main Directorate of educational work of armed forces, candidate of historical Sciences, Colonel Sergei Rychenkov confirmed that the introduction of modern combined arms regulatory documents such thing as “the word of the officer”, indicating the purity of reputation, acting for a member of the only guarantee of truth, is vital. Disputes about what the Code of honor of a Russian officer, do not stop until now, the published versions of the provisions of this manual. For example, in “the Code of honor of Russian officers”, developed by the RF Ministry of defense is already at zero, there is a point to “Keep the word, to speak the truth.” But this document is rather declarative and it is not even on the official website of the Ministry of defence.

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