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Another 17/02/20 Who worked for Lenin, before he became a revolutionary

worldwide V. I. Lenin known as an ardent revolutionary and the Creator of the world’s first state of workers and peasants. However, as any man, Vladimir Ilyich had a civil profession, namely, was a lawyer. Moreover, the defender of the accused from Lenin left no less talented than the organizer of the revolution. He was able to significantly mitigate the sentence for a defendant in a losing cause.

defender of the poor and unfortunate

the Most interesting thing in accordance with their revolutionary beliefs of Vladimir Ilyich never defended the rich, even when he is offered a substantial amount of money. Basically, Lenin acted as a public defender of the poor population. And business it was entrusted with the most complex. For example, once tried Basil Mulenkova accused of blasphemy. Crime in the Russian Empire more than serious, involving actual imprisonment. According to the testimony of prosecution the defendant in a drunken state went to the grocery store and witnesses “obscene cursed God, the blessed virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity”. Moreover, Malenkov casually said the Emperor can not and should not rule the country. In combination, these errors were drawn to 15 years of hard labor. Protection of the defendant were extremely difficult, as opposed by several witnesses. However, the court, they began to claim that Malenkov was sober, deliberately cursing God and the king.

Vladimir Ilyich took up the matter actively. He urged the court to take into account the fact that the defendant’s life is full of hardship, and to forget, he drank to excess, and that provoked his on the daring speech, uttered in a state of alcoholic intoxication and temporary insanity. Lenin also drew the court’s attention to the fact that the witnesses in the face of the shopkeeper and his daughter – the people concerned, as podadimth owes them money. Stating that the day of the crime Malenkov was sober, they want to discuss it. At the same time, Lenin found witnesses that confirmed that Malenkov was drunk, and all of his behavior – not more than unrestrained emotions. On top Lenin added that the defendant on Sundays sang in the Church choir and could not knowingly offend God. In the end, thanks to a brilliant defense attorney, instead of 15 years of hard labor that were asked by the Prosecutor, Malenkov got only one year.

the Werewolves in epaulets

Interestingly, in tsarist Russia, as in our days, the police there was a plan to solve crimes. To perform it was difficult, so the police did not hesitate to fabricate false criminal cases.

Once Lenin had to defend in court the two peasants, who stole the horse. According to the materials of the criminal case gunner Yegor Tishkin and carpenter Ivan Zorin, while the coachman Gorshkov was in a public house, stole his horse in order to gain for her money. Took the robbers red-handed – during sale of the animal. In preparation for the process, V. I. Lenin took the trouble and interviewed a large number of witnesses who saw the circumstances under which the theft took place. As a result, he found that there was no robbery at all. Police Komorowski and Mashtakov, dressed in civilian clothes, called us peasants in the tavern and had a drink. During the feast provocateurs suggested that they steal a horse and bring her to a secluded place for sale by him. Tishkin and Zorin agreed. However, when they brought the horse to the rendezvous, instigators showed them his police identification and arrested the would-be thieves. In the protection of V. I. Lenin made an emotional speech denouncing unscrupulous police, who for the sake of their service benefits have pushed for the crime of poor, hungry peasants. The main question that Lenin asked the court why the police, knowing about the crime, not stopped it?

However, the crime was committed, and demanded punishment. The court sided with the lawyer and made Maccimolino possible lenient sentence. Tishkina given 3.5 years in prison, and Zorin is just 9 months. Typically, defendants in similar cases were sentenced to several times larger. But unfair policemen were dismissed from service.

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