What did Beria for his mistresses

Another 08/02/20 What did Beria for his mistresses

According to the Soviet and Russian historian Anton Antonov-Ovseenko, described in his book “Beria”, the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs have abused more than two hundred women (according to other estimates, their number exceeded 300). The sentence imposed in respect of Lavrentiy Beria in December 1953, the quantification of ambiguously expressed and streamlined the term “many”.

“have Systematically provided financial assistance”

according to the minutes of judicial interrogation of the accused Beria raped them (the fact of sexual contact Beria was confirmed that rape was denied)16-year-old Valentina Drozdova after the incident in the mansion Commissar “systematically provided financial assistance” – so, in any case, said in court Beria himself. In what form did this financial assistance, the defendant almost didn’t say anything. The author of the book “Who are you, Lavrenti Beria? Unknown pages of the criminal case”, the writer, a veteran of the military prosecution bodies of the USSR Andrey Sukhomlinov says: Drozdov from Beria gave birth to the child, and despite the instruction of the Commissar, surrender it to the orphanage or send it to the education in the village, refused to do it.
At trial, Beria claimed that Drozdov was not raped, but instead he was with her as good of a relationship that he was going to marry the girl. Confirmed that gave mother and aunt Lyali Lyali women’s clothes (at a search at Beria found many items of lingerie).
Besides, as wrote the newspaper “top secret”, Lyalya Drozdova and her mother Beria was granted the use of the service cottage, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of interior and gave the apartment on Gorky street. From the country after the trial of Beria mother with her daughter were evicted, and the apartment they left – “in gratitude” for the testimony in court about “morally decomposed” the Commissar.

the Fall for the release

the Singer Nina Alexeeva, who left after CoEthe BOJ “Notes mistress”, also wrote that Beria gave her the money and bounce not accepted. Alekseev, like all of mistress Commissar, publicly declared their ties with the people’s Commissar, argued that living with him out of fear for their lives and for the future of the family.
Your memories of meeting with Beria left the actress Tatiana okunevskaya and Zoya Fedorova. Tatyana Okunevskaya Beria promised in return for agreeing to release from the camps, his father and grandmother (they at that time had been shot). Historian Fedor Razzakov did not rule out the possibility that the request to release repressed father from prison (he was eventually released) Zoya Fyodorova had to make a connection with the people’s Commissar (the actress that connection denied). Fedorov recalled a second meeting with Beria when she refused him, and the people’s Commissar gave flowers to the girl, allegedly adding that the bouquet on her grave.
okunevskaya, and Fedorov soon after meeting with Beria was convicted on charges of committing political crimes and spent many years in prison.
the investigation Beria convicting the defendant gave evidence of the wife of the arrested inspector for the interior Minister the love of Shluger Lyudmila. She stated that she came to thank Beria for a relatively fast release of her husband, who “took her”. Then it was repeated many times. Moreover, Sholom Shluger during the investigation over again, Beria was arrested as an accomplice of Beria, and after the testimony of his wife Lyudmila is released again. The couple Slusarev selected was an apartment, obtained with assistance of senior lover. But after the end of the trial of Beria living space back. It is noteworthy that Beria himself that the connection is denied.

the Teeth for mother and flat

the Writer Kirill Stolyarov in his study “the executioners and the victims” brought two more episodes with unnamed artists who had a systematic affair with Beria. One Commissar was moved from the communal to the suburban town where the woman lived with an elderly matter, in a two-bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow. During ocherednojabout Dating the actress allegedly asked Beria how to answer her mother, who constantly asks who to thank for such relocation. Beria replied: “Tell them that the Soviet power.”
history with another artist, sozialstaates Beria, also featured her mother is a mistress asked me to help insert mother’s teeth, and certainly gold. What Commissar, as it is written in the court Protocol, if said simple metal and more reliable, and cheaper.
Apartment from Beria for a long love affair and got another actress Valentina Chizhova – her testimony is also in a criminal case. Approval Chizhova, it is made from Beria abortion. The defendant admitted that this communication took place, but, like others, was voluntary.
… Based on the materials of the preliminary and judicial investigation, many women after communication with Beria receive housing, trips to resorts, tickets to the Bolshoi theater, pass on the rostrum of the red square during parades “… etc.”.

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