What did Beria before the revolution of 1917

Biography 17/12/19 What did Beria before the revolution of 1917

the figure of the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs of the USSR, Marshal of the Soviet Union and Hero of socialist labor of Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria, ended his life in “the dungeons of the NKVD” (IYB), the creation of which he gave a lot of effort, is still a matter of much debate. Some consider him the demon of repression, others the reformer, and “the last knight of Stalin.” But few people know that, if it had not happened, the revolution, Lavrenti Beria would be or an architect or even an oilman. And when you consider his intellect and his energy, it could be that we would deal with the “oligarch” emerged from the bottom.

Parents Beria

Father Lawrence was a farmer-Mingrelian Paul (Paul) Juchiewicz Beria, who did not want to obey the laws and the memoirs of Beria’s son – Sergo killed a man. It was during one of the riots against the “domination of tsarist Russia.” Russian was not popular in Georgia already, so there is nothing surprising that came in Soviet times to power the Georgians throughout the Soviet Union planted Russophobia and denied the very existence of the Russian people, stating that he was replaced by “nation” – the Soviet people. Mingrelians hated Russian and offered stubborn resistance with the introduction of any reforms, revolted.

Despite the fact that the side of Paul stood up the whole village, and people said that people were killed in an avalanche, authorities became suspicious, and Paul fled from Georgia to the territory of Abkhazia in the village of Merheuli, where he met a widow with three children, and perhaps for reasons of survival, married her, although special feelings for her have not experienced fiancee was 7 years older than him.

According to the memoirs of the mother Beria, Martha’s Vissarionovna Jakeli, Paul was a man of amazing beauty, and she knew he did not love her, but she was “crazy” and decided to do everything to make him happy. Children from first marriage took her brother, who was to educate them.

RecosocETANA took place in 1898, and soon Mar gave birth to Paul three children. One of the boys died in infancy from smallpox, the daughter Anna in Detva because of sickness became deaf, but the parents were happy with the third child – Lawrence grew up healthy, strong and smart boy.

In misery

Despite the fact that Martha was a distant relative of Jakeli princes, whose race was known since the IX century, the family is interrupted on bread and water. Georgia in those days, despite the weather, was a poor country, and the main reason was malozemelja peasants.

Beria did not like to remember his childhood, and in the questionnaire wrote: “had nothing not have”; but preserved the memory of his wife, Nino’s Teymurazovna Gegechkori, who was with him from the same social stratum.

She told me that in the family the only source of livelihood was corn field of two hectares. the Ordinary food was corn porridge; milk or meat saw only on holidays. Cattle are not kept, it was nothing to feed; the sugar she tried in 11 years.

Historians state that in comparison with Russia, the poverty in Georgia was “special”. If a poor man in Russia could be the cow and the inferior horse, then every third farmer in Georgia, there was no cattle – this is in the book “Beria: the last knight of Stalin,” says researcher Elena Prudnikov.

to make money

Child Beria helped father in the field, weeding the fields and shepherding others ‘ sheep in the mountains. It is obvious that mother — Martha Vissarionovna pushed the son to education, wanted him “out of people”. The boy in eight years given the real school in Sukhumi. The training was free but had to pay for accommodation and food, and Paul had to sell half of the house. And when Lawrence went to study further, he sold the second half and moved into the shack.

Marta left her husband and moved to town to take care of her son. Perhaps by this time the relationship with a handsome husband became cool. One can only assume that he could have the same sinl the people’s Commissar Paul, too, could too love women. He never left the village and died in the 1930-ies.

my Mother sewed, too, Lawrence started making: wrote petitions and letters to illiterate citizens, and a teenager – were held in the holidays to work on the oil company of the Nobel brothers in Baku.

Blame the tank?

That Baku has played a key role in the development of Beria as revolutionary. In the beginning of XX century the city was developing rapidly; the reason for this was oil. Here were discovered the banks of the Rothschilds, here was reaching the migrants from the Caucasus. From 1850 to 1917 the population increased from 7.5 thousand to 250 thousand people. Most in Baku were Armenians and Azerbaijanis, many business people-the Jews.

At the turn of the century in Baku exiled rebels and the organizers of the strikes, so the city existed underground RSDLP since 1901 he worked underground press “Nina”, who supplied all of the Imperial Russia of illegal literature, here of grief, the newspaper of the Bolsheviks “Spark”, and after Batum from abroad was propaganda literature.

no Wonder that in 15 years Beria familiar with the poverty firsthand, he engaged in revolutionary work.

After graduating from high school he moved to Baku, where he entered the Baku secondary mechanical-technical building school, selecting a specialty architect – Lawrence from childhood he loved to draw and draw well. By the way, in Moscow there are two houses built with his direct participation.

However, the participation in secret circles he took a lot more work: in 1915 at the age of 16 years, Beria became an active member of one of the Marxist circles in Baku and was the acting Treasurer. Later colleagues remembered him as a crystal honest man, frugal seeking party funds.

the ideas of the Bolsheviks were so fond of the boy that at the beginning of 1917 he created the underground cell, which included four teenagers, and in March 1917 joined RSDLP.

on the Eve of the revolution he was for 18 years, and ahead of Lavrenty Beria was waiting foron many “adventures” – part in the riots, the arrests, the introduction by order of the Bolsheviks to the counter-intelligence of the “bourgeois” state — the Azerbaijan democratic Republic and more. The crucible in which was forged the future of the iron Commissars of the USSR, was yet to come.

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