What crimes revealed wolf messing

Crime 23/02/20 What crimes revealed wolf messing

the end of the letter claimed to have been approached for help and law enforcement officers, and the powers that be. According to the memoirs of a psychic, he revealed not one crime, including murder and theft. But is it really?

Murder in Kazan

In the words of wolf messing, he revealed some of the most complicated cases. Law enforcement officers often ask the psychic for help. Sometimes, however, the story identified the perpetrator and on their own. So, if you believe Vadim Erlikhman, author of the book “wolf messing. The psychic Stalin,” which in turn refers to the words of some Lungina, in 1950-ies in Kazan the girl was killed. In the massacre accused the former partner of the victim. At that moment, I was there on tour. Out of curiosity he came on the court and immediately realized that the guy is innocent. However, the end of the letter felt that the hall is a real killer. He soon got it and began to impress: “Stand up, say that you’re a murderer!”. But he too succumbed. Then I took a sheet of paper and wrote on it “no Exit”. During a break he put the sheet on a chair for the suspect. The man saw the note, broke down and confessed everything.

the loss of the jewels

similarly, wolf messing was forced to confess to the crime and another attacker, or rather the ill-minded woman. As stated in the publication, “I am the prophet without a homeland. The personal diary of the psychic Stalin”, based on personal records of the film, once the telepath asked the count Czartoryski, who disappeared some jewelry. In order to freely expose the criminal, who arrived in the castle messing Graf was introduced to all as an artist. The hypnotist “scanned” all who could be involved in the theft, but the situation has not cleared up. In the evening to the castle came the wife of Czartoryski, and the VMnatural with her maid. In the last verse and recognized the thief. However, he told her about his discovery in private. The girl was sincerely ashamed, and she decided not to name the criminal. Psychic hid the jewels in the mouth of a stuffed bear, beat it as a prank mentally retarded boy who lived in the castle.

Theft in Irkutsk

But to cover the Director of the Irkutsk store wolf messing was not going to. As written by Denis Lobkov, in his book “the Great mystics of the twentieth century. Who are the heroes, messengers or Scam?”, in June 1974, the telepath was present at the interrogation of a trade worker, after which provided previously unknown information about the suspect officer obkhss. The last was later transferred to the appropriate help to the investigator. Director of the grocery store under the pressure of evidence, confessed to big embezzlement. It is noteworthy that the certificate was filed, which served as another confirmation of the fact that the movie really helped law enforcement. However, according to Lobkov, it was later revealed that the investigator himself has made this certificate on the basis of human intelligence: an employee of the interior Ministry simply did not want to disclose their informants.

Fiction or reality?

it Should be noted that the invention of many researchers and others allegedly opened the theater of the crime. So, if you believe Nizhnikova Alexander, author of the book “I Want to look into the future. Prophecy and reality,” Nikolay Kitaev, PhD, who a quarter of a century has been an investigator for particularly important cases, carefully studied the biography of the film and came to the conclusion that most of the episodes from the life of telepath simply invented by the journalist Mikhail Khvastunov. Bouncers have written “autobiography” of the film called “I am a telepath”. Moreover, the publication of fabricated memories a hypnotist agreed. Moreover, according to Kitaev, wolf messing did not possess any superhuman abilities, and compiled his “memoirs” is clearly fond of detective novels.

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