What bodily defects really was Stalin

History 03/02/20 Any bodily defects actually was Stalin

Stalin rules the Soviet Union for nearly thirty years, often made from the stands, his image was broadcast and published all over the country millions of copies. It would seem, no questions about how he looked, his contemporaries should not be there. However, personal memories of those who saw and talked with him, reported an interesting and even surprising information. After all, the portraits of the early-mid 20th century were made almost always retouched.

So what is it, Joseph Stalin without retouching? One of the researchers of Stalin’s personality, member of the Union of Writers of Russia and the participant of the great Patriotic War V. D. Ouspensky in his historical monograph “the Secret adviser of the leader” described the appearance of Stalin: “…Before me stood a small, dense
body of man, under forty years, with dark tired face, which
noticeably stood out Rowan. The forehead is low, narrow, cropped black
a strip of close-cropped hair. Few great was the nose, as many
Caucasian residents. It seemed that the hands are a bit long and heavy for
compared with trunk. And sedentary, especially the left…”

it is Worth noting that this is not a writer’s imagination and the collective image, relying on numerous oral and written sources, the study of the archives, together with the people who know Stalin personally working with him. And, according to V. D. Ouspensky, in the process of this work: “…people are fully disclosed…” and “…learned the details of such events, which even the memoirists did not want to mention in their books…”

Bodily defects, described by Ouspensky and other historians and researchers, were received by Stalin in childhood and adolescence. So, Rowan is on the face of the consequences of smallpox, and the immobility of the hands is the result of 6 yearsit under the chaise, so the left hand with damaged tendons, nerves and blood vessels are not fully unbend, what was the reason for Stalin’s unfitness for military service. About this defect repeatedly mentioned in print, for example, a Bolshevik Way. In other sources, for example, in the memoirs of the daughter of Stalin, Svetlana Alliluyeva, mentioned that he bad worked with the right hand. And B. G. Bazhanov, formerly Stalin’s personal Secretary in 1925-1927 and subsequently fled from the Soviet Union, in the work “memories of the former Secretary of Stalin” said that did not notice such flaws in him. In addition, the leader of the people, had congenital defect on his left foot he had fused second and third toes.

Many contemporaries agree that the identity and appearance of the leader in a calm, relaxed atmosphere and good mood best captured photo N. Vlasik, made shirokopolochnyh camera Rolleiflex in the 1920-1940’s. they clearly passed the contrast between the simple, even rustic face, which contrasted close and literally pierce into whoever he stares, cold and penetrating eyes. They say that this look is most frightening of all, who was the inner circle of Stalin.

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