What benefits were supposed to the penalty box in the red army

History 30/12/19 What benefits were supposed to the penalty box in the red army

the Battalions in the red army in the great Patriotic war were the “killer” units, in the truest sense – they were constantly on the front line and first went into battle, strewing the field aching bodies and suffered the greatest losses. It is well known that stripmatic had only one preference before the “correct” soldiers of the red army – atone for the guilt of blood, he had joined their ranks.

But few know that in the penal battalions had its own, completely legalized, privileges for the military.

allowance to officers

the Author of a nonfiction study on the role of penalty units in the great Patriotic war Vladimir Daynes gives in his book memories of a commander shtrafroty Ivan Tretyakov. Tretyakov received all allowances (seniority, field) 1375 rubles a month, while his “colleague” in a “normal” company – only 750 rubles. Tretyakov for a year and 3 months was twice promoted, while the officer in the field, companies could rely on such a privilege only in special cases (personal feat of itself or subordinate units). The company commander of the penalty box in the list of benefits ironically calls the third component: “had to fight where there is more light.”

Lieutenant, platoon commander shtrafroty, Peter I am the head recalled that often on such preferences in the heat of war have been overlooked. Evidence Baraboo in the book of Vladimir Dinesa “Battalions won the war?”: provisions early conferring of awards, special Lunches often could not count on these merits were often forgotten and not documented in the commotion of the fighting.

in Preference to the ordinary

As noted in my scientific study, the doctor of historical Sciences, Professor of the Military University of the defense Ministry Yury Rubtsou, for representatives of privates and officers, had a criminal record and included in stravato received in etom as a wound in battle, starred a criminal record and were returned to their former rank. Injured after recovery was able to return to combatant forces in the same capacity. Convicts sent to the penal battalion of the Gulag camps, the situation was more complicated – there are justificatory differentiation provided a special, more complex gradation.

Yury Rubtsou, based on official documents, writes that the families of the victims of the fined in the fighting in any case, a pension was granted. Wounded and surviving soldiers of the battalions were exempted from criminal records and other complaints, the cause of which was the direction in the penalty Department. Also starred “transgressions” in the presence of distinguished service, and after serving an appointed term of stay in the unit (it does not exceed three months). Often, the commanders petitioned for early rehabilitation of a fighter who proved themselves in combat (for that he didn’t have to wound). The fate of these candidates was decided by the military Tribunal.

How many

According to historian Yury Rubtsou, in the great Patriotic war (including the war with Japan) took part more than 400 thousand troops of strafbaarstelling – 65 battalions and more than a thousand separate straftat.

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