What became of the real Lenin, whose name was taken Vladimir Ulyanov

History 22/02/20 What became of the real Lenin, whose name was taken Vladimir Ulyanov

the Mathematician and economist Sergei Lenin was in friendly relations with Nadezhda Krupskaya. So, one day, to the members of his family Krupskaya and turned with the same request. From now on, according to some experts, Vladimir Ulyanov became Lenin.

the Family of Lenin

At that time the head of the family Lenin was Nikolay Yegorovich father Sergei. Nikolai Egorovich was a major landowner and, according to eyewitnesses, an ardent supporter of serfdom. They say that once it came to the woman, who asked Lenin to allow her to marry. Nikolai Egorovich was very angry and ordered to put the poor into the well. Later, when the fortress was removed from the water, the landlord asked her: “still want to get married?” The girl replied in the affirmative. Only when Lenin gave his consent.

Nikolai Egorovich had three children: Sergei, Nikolai and Olga. Nicholas became a lawyer, Sergei, a mathematician, and she worked in the evening school for workers. Incidentally, Lenin, Sr., being a man of the old school, activities daughter did not approve. Whatever it was, it was at school Olga met Nadezhda Krupskaya.

theft passport

In the early twentieth century, the husband of Nadezhda Krupskaya, Vladimir Ulyanov was going to Germany. He applied at checkout. That’s just the idea that he can refuse to cross the border, did not give the future leader of the proletariat of the rest. Ulyanov shared their concerns with Krupskaya, and that, in turn, appealed for help to friends, family Lenin.

Sergei came up with the idea to steal the passport of his father, Nikolay Egorovich. Especially since it would not have been any difficulty. At that time Lenin was a senior already was seriously ill and could any minute die. If he was in health, by reason of their political views is unlikely UlLenovo to use the document.

In General, Sergei freely stole a passport from his father, moved a picture, changed the date of birth and gave it to Nadezhda Krupskaya.

And Ulyanov, Lenin

it Soon appeared that Ulyanov was worrying about nothing. Permission to leave he still got it. However, to part with the new passport it was not intended. Vladimir left home with two documents in his real name and the name of Nikolai Egorovich Lenin.

Despite the fact that many experts believe everything that happened to ordinary bikes, some historians believe in the reality of the events described. For example, historian Michael Stein had no doubt that all of it is true.

the Evidence of the fact, that after six months Ulyanov wrote an article in the journal “dawn” and signed “N. Lenin”. In addition even Nadezhda Krupskaya never really could explain away her husband, such an alias.

the Fate of family members Lenin was tragic. In 1919 Nicholas died in prison. In the same year Olga died from smallpox. And Sergei was killed by the Bolsheviks. Witnesses told that he was arrested and sent to the place of future imprisonment. On the way Sergei wanted to sit in the cart and asked the guards. But they felt that Lenin’s easier to shoot.

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