What are the aliases took Zhukov during the war

History 11/01/20 Which aliases took Zhukov during the war

in order to deceive the enemy and prevent leakage of valuable information before important battles during the great Patriotic war the Supreme command in official documents and telegrams used code words and salephentermine the names of the generals. Its call sign was the first Marshal of Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov.

the Operation “Uranus” Konstantinov

In the book “of beetles. The UPS and downs and unknown pages of the life of the great Marshal,” Alex Gromov noted that during the operation “Uranus” Zhukov called the pseudonym of “Constantine”.

Prepared in deep secrecy the offensive plan in which the troops of the don, Stalingrad and South-Western fronts was to surround Stalingrad grouping of Hitler, it was full of code words.

to prevent accidental disruption of this strategically important military event in most reports it was listed simply as “resettlement”, which had to organize the commanders – Vasiliev, the name of which has escaped Joseph Stalin, Mikhaylov, Aleksandr Vasilevsky and Konstantin – Georgy Zhukov.

which Lasted from 19 November 1942 to 2 February 1943 operation “Uranus” attacked Nazi group, consisting of German, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian and Romanian parts, heavy damage. Showing tactical skill of the Soviet generals have shown the world the bravery of the red Army, and its ability to resist fascism.

Operation “Rumyantsev” and Yuriev

the Second alias Georgy Zhukov received in the course of development and operation “Rumyantsev”. This fact became known after the Ministry of defense of Russia on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the battle of Kursk declassified stored under a particular classified document, dated 6 August 1943and signed by Stalin personally.

Plan “Rumyantsev” is meant the liberation from the invaders of the city of Kharkov, it was going to take part of the formation under the command of “comrade St. George” and “comrade Alexandrov”.

it was Later revealed that under the name of Yuriev was hiding Marshal Zhukov, and Alexandrov was Marshal Vasilevsky.

the First in the operation coordinated the Voronezh and Steppe fronts, and the second led the troops of the southwestern and southern fronts.

the Warsaw offensive and Zharov

In the book of Sergey kremleva “Secrets of the 45th. From the Ardennes and Balaton to Khingan and Hiroshima” to mention another army alias Marshal Zhukov — “comrade Zharov”.

That Zharov, acting Deputy Supreme Commander, had addressed a report to the officer of the General staff of the red Army, dated 3rd August 1944.

In this military representative explained the reason for the failure of battle the troops of the 8th guards army on the Western Bank of the Vistula river.


Writer-revisionist Viktor Suvorov in “the Shadow of victory” has drawn attention to the frequent and randomly changing Stalin alias names of commanders and important connections.

the names of the members of the high command have changed with such speed that even in the case of decryption, the Germans did not have time to take advantage of the received data. So in one document named “Vasilyev” was hiding military leader Alexander Vasilevsky, and after some time, under this pseudonym, has acted Stalin himself, sometimes represented as “Smith”. Under the same code name “Constantine” in different periods led troops Georgy Zhukov and Konstantin Rokossovsky, the latter also used a false name “Costin”.

Constant transformation to confuse the opponent has been names the strategic units. It is known that in February of 1944 in one of the directives of Stalin mentioned not existing at the time the “tank tobus Rotmistrov”, referring to the current 5th guards tank army, Rotmistrov.

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