What animal portrayed Stalin European cartoonists

History 09/02/20 What animal portrayed Stalin European cartoonists

Ranked among the most important ideological opponents of the capitalist countries, the Soviet Union was the main target of Western cartoonists that a lot of effort spent on ridiculing its leaders and, first and foremost, of course, Stalin. The records hold many hundreds of cartoons for him, the leader depicted in various images. Do not shun the authors of grotesque figures to portray Stalin in the form of various animals.

the Bear, but not simple

of Course, the traditional image of Russian in the form of bears could not be avoided and Stalin. However, sophisticated insults, Western authors one of the cartoons presented it in the form of some hybrids of our bears with a pig.

picture dated 1939, gave a derisive inscription: “the Evolution of a bear,” stressing the desire of the USSR to reclaim traditionally Russian territory.

This cartoon, like many other similar, was published by Martin Paz, in his book “Stalin in the light of the press and cartoons”, published in Dresden considerable numbers (more than 150 thousand copies). It happened in the autumn of 1941, when German forces were advancing to Moscow. The relevance of the publication was due to the fact that with the German attack on the USSR was lifted the taboo on anti-Soviet propaganda, acting in the 3 rd Reich for 2 years (1939-1941), i.e., in a period of “warming” in relations of 2 countries. And since the main enemy of Germany was the Soviet Union, we had to reorient the consciousness of the Germans to the necessity of the war in the East.

With a special poison in the book were submitted caricatures of Stalin, previously unpublished in France, USA, UK, other countries became allies of the USSR in the Second world war. Got from the Groove, published by the German caricatures, and the Americans along with the British. And again Stalin is depicted as a bloodthirsty bear, but in budyenny helmets, and the company it is the figure dedicated to the anti-Hitler coalition, are oblasti British lion and badly plucked American eagle. The caption on the cartoon reads: “We love good eat, and so we are very peaceful animals!” (translated from German).

the octopus, crow, etc.

the caricature of Stalin, replicated Western European and overseas authors in different years, was not limited to the display of the leader in the form of a bear. The move was also an octopus, made in different versions, dedicated to Soviet intervention in the local armed conflicts in Spain, the Balkans, China, the far East.Cynically stand cartoons about Soviet-Finnish war, one of them Stalin is depicted as the Raven, on the other – in the form of a serpent.

the Way

it Should be noted that Stalin was very indifferent to appear with an enviable constancy the foreign caricatures of themselves. It is also worth remembering that the Prince did not avoid the handwritten creation of cartoons – and not only foreign opponents, but also on the immediate environment (member of RAS Boris Ilizarov – “secret life of Stalin.”). All they had drawn about 500 caricatures with quite insulting to the characters of the inscriptions.

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