Novosibirsk on Stanislavsky zhilmassive began construction of a pumping station near the Tulskaya street, residents say that work is too noisy, and the garbage “you have to look out of their Windows.” In “Siberian generating company” which is engaged in construction, has responded to claims by residents.

What’s not to like residents

About the problems the residents of the houses in Tula, 270/1 and Percussion, 1/1, edition of the NHS wrote to a local resident Olga:

— From this construction constant noise at the weekend already at 8 o’clock in the morning starts drilling. And in the evening 11-12 hours very noisy. There are no words to describe this horror! Behind the house at Tula, 270/1 going full chaos. Residents also have to look at the garages and trash from the construction site from its Windows.