24.04.2020, Berlin: Die Schwimmbahn eines Beckens im Sommerbad Kreuzberg ist gesperrt. Gäbe es die Corona-Pandemie nicht, wären am 25. April 2020 einige der Freibäder Berlins geöffnet worden. (zu "Saisonstart ohne Freibäder - Suche nach Lösungen") Foto: Jörg Carstensen/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

In view of the impending gas shortage, the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) believes that more savings must be made at the moment. “We should actually close the swimming pools and tell people: You have to jump into the lake now to save gas,” said IHK general manager Jan Eder on Monday RBB Inforadio.

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He called for a concept from the Senate that would support industry. “Bridging and support” are important. Above all, the legal situation must be changed so that more energy can be saved in general instead of shutting down companies. So every company has a chance to stay in the market.

According to the IHK, around 50,000 jobs in Berlin’s industry – around half of the manufacturing sector – depend on the gas supply. If these were more severely affected by the gas supply shortage, the consequences would be immense.

“What must be avoided for the economy and from the point of view of the IHK in Berlin are the announced switch-off cascades,” said Eder, with a view to supplying according to priorities, as provided for by the Energy Security Act.

“What’s the point if my bathroom is still toasty and warm but I’ve lost my job,” said Eder. “Everyone has to make a contribution.” (dpa)