There are Cross-Today it makes all the There are Cross-Eeklo, belgium-the steeple of the There are a Cross and the Belgian, that racing. There is taking over the reins of It, as a partner and promises, with the all-new klimcross in Beringen show. What’s more, every one of the 8 we would highly recommend both ladies and men, will be live on, VTM.

Is not injured, Wout van Aert, or Mathieu van der Poel, who is preparing for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS on the road, but in Eeklo, belgium will be a test. Turn on Show During its emergence will follow? Can Laurens Sweeck, Michael Vanthourenhout – since the start of this summer’s team mates – come together, and the additional counter offer? To make Eli Iserbyt, Quinten Hermans, or Daan Soete of the jack to the top? Will there be a new girl at the front?

After a three-year, It is undertaking an insurance group There are the following three seasons, as the new titelpartner. “Ethiashecht a lot of importance on socially responsible themes, such as mobility, safety, security, health and the environment,” said PeterMaris from There. “The bicycle is a good example, and, of course, applies also to cross-country is perfect in this picture.”

After that, the umbrella company SportIDee last year, the range extended from six to eight races,we are seeing this year is some changes to the schedule. Thus, the GP Mario De Clercq in Ronse (belgium) is replaced by the eenheuse klimcross in Beringen. The spectacle is assured, and there, on the slag heap. The location is already known from the mountain-bike circuit, and can be destined to be a classic. “For the first time, one can speak of a real klimcross in which, after the start of the turning, a difference in altitude of 58 meters, will need to be overcome”, says the organisation will know about it. “Unique to the materiaalpost on the top of the slag heap and on the downhill slopes. A game with all the ingredients to become a classic in the calendar.”