(Kramatorsk) Two civilians were killed and ten injured by Russian strikes with “cluster munitions” on Saturday afternoon in Kramatorsk, eastern Ukraine, said Pavlo Kyrylenko, the region’s governor from Donetsk.

The strikes hit a park, a funeral goods store as well as a dozen residential buildings and two cars, he said on Telegram.

“More than a hundred countries ban the use of cluster munitions, but Russia continues to use these weapons which release many smaller bombs and indiscriminately injure civilians,” Kyrylenko said.

A few hours earlier, the mayor of Donetsk, Alexander Goncharenko, had reported two people killed and 8 injured, 3 of them seriously, “consequences of the shelling of Kramatorsk with cluster munitions”.

“Russia continues to reign terror”, lambasted the city councilor on his Facebook page.

AFP journalists heard a dozen near-simultaneous explosions shortly before 4 p.m. local time and saw smoke rising in a park in the south of the city.

Shortly after, another dozen explosions of the same type were heard in a residential area about 2 km from the first strike.

In the park, a woman died on the spot from her injuries caused by shrapnel ammunition, AFP journalists noted.

In the residential area, a taxi driver was seriously injured.

“She had come to see me briefly and was about to leave. I said goodbye to him, I closed the door and a few seconds later I heard the explosions,” Lena, where the driver was staying, told AFP.

“I ran outside and saw her lying on the ground by the fence, bleeding. We called the ambulance […] It’s scary. I was lucky to be inside with my daughter when it all happened,” the 46-year-old added.

In front of the entrance gate of the house where it was parked, the red taxi car is riddled with shards of ammunition, the wheels are punctured and the windows broken, AFP noted.

This is the second time this week that the city has been targeted by Russian strikes. On Tuesday, a shelling in the center left one dead and three injured and six residential buildings were damaged.

On February 1, a bombardment killed three people there.

A city of around 150,000 before the Russian invasion launched more than a year ago, Kramatorsk sits near Bakhmout, the epicenter of fighting for months.

Regularly bombarded by the Russian army, Kramatorsk has served as a regional center since the occupation of the city of Donetsk in 2014 by Russian and pro-Russian forces.

In April 2022, a Russian missile hit the city’s train station, killing around 60 civilians who were trying to flee the area.

Russia claimed the Donetsk region as its territory after annexation referendums deemed illegitimate.