(Moscow) The Russian security services (FSB) announced on Wednesday the arrest of a Russian-Ukrainian citizen, suspected of having wanted to “ sabotage ” an “ energy infrastructure site ” on the annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

In recent months, while several attacks attributed to Kyiv have deeply affected territories controlled by Moscow, the Russian authorities are agitating the terrorist threat and have toughened their legislation against “ terrorism ” or “ sabotage ”.

“ In the city of Kerch […], the FSB prevented the preparation of the sabotage of a site of the energy system of the peninsula ”, declared the Russian security services without identifying the site or giving details of its exact nature.

“A citizen of Russia and Ukraine, born in 1971, involved in the preparation of this crime, has been arrested,” the statement said.

According to the FSB, the man in his fifties, accused of “ preparing sabotage ” and “ possession of explosive devices ”, was in contact “ with a representative of the Ukrainian special services, who coordinated his criminal activities “.

These counts carry a penalty “of up to 20 years in prison or life,” according to the FSB.

Since an attack on April 2, which killed a military blogger in Saint Petersburg, the Russian authorities claim that the risk of “ terrorism ” and sabotage has increased, accusing Ukraine, the West and the Russian opposition of wanting orchestrate attacks.

On Tuesday, Russian MPs voted a series of amendments including increasing the penalties for crimes related to terrorism.

Last week, the governor installed by Moscow in Crimea announced the cancellation of the celebrations of May 1 and 9 (date of the end of the Second World War in Russia) in the annexed Ukrainian peninsula, citing “ security problems ”.

In Moscow, there will also be no parade marking May Day due to a “high” terrorist risk, according to Russia’s largest trade union federation.