(Kyiv) A 50-year-old man and his 11-year-old daughter were killed when Russian airstrikes hit their home in Zaporizhia in southeastern Ukraine, Ukrainian officials said on Sunday.

“The enemy carried out a missile attack on Zaporizhia and killed another Ukrainian family,” the country’s emergency service chief Sergei Kruk said on social media.

The girl died while being transported by ambulance, said the mayor of the city, Anatolii Kurtiev.

Rescuers pulled her 46-year-old mother alive from the rubble. The couple’s eldest daughter was not home when the strikes occurred overnight, emergency services said.

According to the mayor of Zaporijjia, two missiles fired by Russia hit a residential area, damaging the windows and roofs of a dozen homes.

The Zaporizhia region is one of the four Ukrainian provinces which Moscow claimed for annexation after the launch of the Russian offensive in February 2022.