These images show Ukrainian troops using French anti-aircraft guns on a CAESAR howitzer wheeled chassis to attack Russian aircraft, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine French President Emmanuel Macron announced France would supply the country with the weapons back in April. Where: Ukraine When: 08 Jun 2022 Credit: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Cover Images **EDITORIAL USE ONLY. MATERIALS ONLY TO BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH EDITORIAL STORY. THE USE OF THESE MATERIALS FOR ADVERTISING, MARKETING OR ANY OTHER COMMERCIAL PURPOSE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. MATERIAL COPYRIGHT REMAINS WITH STATED SUPPLIER.** PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUKxFRA Copyright: xx 51655469

Russia, it is becoming increasingly clear, appears to be preparing for a protracted war in Ukraine. Moscow is now procuring tons of ammunition from Belarus, and the warehouses there are still well stocked from Soviet times.

The government has now also launched a push to introduce a war economy in Russia, reports the Kommersant portal. This would allow the state to have direct access to the production capacities of all companies. This is not primarily about armaments (although these are also affected), but more about becoming less dependent on western imports. You can read more below in the article by my colleague Frank Herold.

The word war economy was also recently used by French President Macron. He wanted to swear the French to deprivation. But France, like Ukraine’s other western allies, also faces the problem of how to keep the flow of arms supplies going.

In the case of France, it is about the Caesar howitzers (pictured above). 18 units are planned for Ukraine (a dozen are already in use at the front). However, the armaments company Nexter has only been able to produce a small number of the systems per year so far. Only 77 are currently in service with the French army. This shows that the West will also have to think about how to adapt its armaments economy to what may be a long conflict in Ukraine.

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