Vladimir Vysotsky: how the bard saw his image in the ancient Mayan city

History 20/02/20 Vladimir Vysotsky: how the bard saw his image in the ancient Mayan city

After Vladimir Vysotsky was married to Marina Vlady, he had the opportunity to travel around the world. Often abroad the bard worked, but do not forget about the attractions. Been to Vysotsky and in Mexico, where he visited Mayan city. There on one of the bas-reliefs he saw himself.

Overseas travel

As you know, in the Soviet years abroad could only get elected. However, according to Maria Nemirovsky, author of the book “Vysotsky and Marina Vlady,” Vladimir Vysotsky, a rebel and a drunkard, who was accused of organizing clandestine concerts, the number of those elected were not included. Position Vysotsky was compounded by the fact that he was married to a foreigner, the French actress of Russian descent Marina Vlady. The application to the visa office for a visa for the spouse of the bard decided to apply only after 6 years of marriage. Employees of OVIR convinced Vysotsky that visa, he never will. However, a miracle happened, and soon the actor along with his wife went to France.

From that moment Vladimir Semenovich’s often been behind a cordon. If you believe Yu. a. Andreev and I. N. Boguslavsky, the authors of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky: the man, the poet, the actor,” Vysotsky visited not only in France but also in many other European countries and in the United States, Canada, and even Tahiti. Their impressions of the travel Vysotsky expressed in art. So, Nicholas Rays in the publication “Russian literature of the XX century” he writes about that first trip to France was reflected in the cycle of poems “From the diary of the road”. Although mostly bard traveled outside of the Soviet Union on tour, he never forgot about the cultural programme and were required to visit local attractions.

Visits to Mexico

That being in Mexico Vladimir Vysotsky visited the most mysterious places this country. Says mark Cybulski, the author of the book “Life and travels of Vladimir Vysotsky”, the first in South America Vysotsky arrived in 1975. On this journey, bard’s little known, but second visit to Mexico, which happened 2 years later, was even recorded on videotape. The fact that there is a record of Vladimir Semenovich on Mexican television. And the Mexican press about Vysotsky was writing a lot. Anyway, no to your first arrival in Mexico, nor the second Vysotsky not only worked, but also did not forget about the cultural program.

According to Denis Lobkov, the author of the book “Mystery in the life of outstanding people”, Vladimir Vysotsky, as in Mexico, have expressed their desire to admire the ancient architectural monuments, erected by the Mayans. Writes Lobkov, on one of the bas-reliefs Vysotsky suddenly noticed with horror the image of himself. It is clear that the actor immediately asked the tour guide, who is depicted on the stones. And he said that people, figures which were carved on the walls of the ancient city, “sick soul.” Vysotsky then thought it was a signal sent to him from above.

Mysticism in the artist’s life

However, this episode of the biography of Vladimir Vysotsky can be interpreted rather as a good sign: by the time he had to live from 3 to 5 years depending on which of two visits to Mexico bard visited Mayan city. In General, such “signals” in the life of Vladimir Vysotsky are always enough. So, Natalya Popovich, in his book “the Fatal prophecy, and signs of destiny” mentions that once Vladimir Semenovich has suggested to tell fortunes on cards Gypsies. The artist pulled from the deck two cards: the ACE of hearts and nine of spades, signifying death and love respectively. In fact, love, and especially death, were full the entire fate of Vladimir Vysotsky.

Vladimir Vysotsky could have died many times. For example, in childhood, he and his comrades were thrown into the fire found ammunition. Vysotsky miraculously remained neurodim. After 30 years, bard went to his throat blood. According to Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “Vladimir Vysotsky: the secret trump card in the deck”, with reference to the words of Marina Vlady, the paramedics refused to carry Vysotsky in the hospital, saying that they “don’t need in the car a dead man.” Vladi still persuaded doctors, and a few hours, the artist came back from the dead. In 1979, Vladimir Semenovich suffered clinical death. As is known, these cases were associated with alcohol and drugs. Due to their unhealthy addictions Vysotsky was even in a psychiatric hospital. This is the question of those who are “sick soul.”

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