Vladimir Seregin: what did the war pilot who died with Gagarin

Heroes 05/02/20 Vladimir Seregin: what did the war pilot who died with Gagarin

the crash of the MiG-15UTI on March 27, 1968 went down in history because it killed the first cosmonaut of the planet Yuri Gagarin. About the second victim of the tragedy to remember less. Meanwhile, in the last seconds near Gagarin was a remarkable man – a combat pilot, hero of the great Patriotic war Vladimir Seregin.

Brave as

Moscow-Born Vladimir Sergeyevich Seryogin appeared at the front in 1943, having finished before that, Tambov military aviation school. In the army he volunteered, because since the childhood dreamt of the sky. The young pilot was enrolled in the 672-th assault aviation regiment of the 10th assault air corps of the 3rd Ukrainian front.

In early 1944, Seregin earned the first award – the Order of the red Star. In the award document appears several exploits of 21-year-old pilot in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine. For example, on January 30 on the Il-2 he made a bombing-assault RAID on a concentration of tanks near Marevka. Dodging German flak, Seregin just went to target and destroyed 2 German tanks. The same feat he repeated the next day in the area of Stalindorf. And on 4 February at the station Loshkarivka Seregin bombed 3 covered a railway car.

In the papers to awarding ASU the following account of the Order of the red banner described the successful air battle Seregina with “Messerschmitt” Bf.109 that occurred on 24 March 1944: “In a bombing RAID on the crossing of the river bug, where there was a large accumulation of technology and a strong cover of anti-aircraft artillery and fighter, comrade Seregin just went for the ferry and dropped their bombs. At this point their group was attacked by 6 ME-109. Ahead of his two ME-109 attacked the lead. Comrade Seregin gives a long line, one ME-109 illuminates and stone crashes into the ground. The group Il-2 was shot down 3 ME-109”.

Hero of the Soviet Union

In the victorious 1945 Vladimir Seregin has received the order of the Patriotic war of two classes. For example, in a RAID on Hungarian station Sabad Batian East of lake Balaton, he saved the life of a Soviet pilot, which attacked the enemy “Focke-Wulf”. Seregin fired a long burst whereupon the enemy aircraft began to smoke and dramatically went down. He Seregin, wounded, managed to reach the airfield and land on the same chassis.

the Pilot bombed the equipment and manpower of the enemy until the last days of the war. For example, on 25 April 1945 in a group of 5 of the Il-2 aircraft he participated in the bombing-assault kick in Brunnen. Antiaircraft artillery the Nazis actively covered the goal, but this did not prevent the “Stalin falcons”.

“Comrade Seregin came out right on target and accurately dropped bombs, and then there was an explosion of enormous power,” – noted in the award document.

29 June 1945, Vladimir Seregin, received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. In total he made 50 140 combat and reconnaissance sorties, conducted 19 air battles and shot down 3 German aircraft.

test Pilot

After the Victory Seregin remained in aviation. To experience the latest machinery, from 1947 to 1953 he studied at the faculty of engineering vvia named after Zhukovsky. In 1967 Colonel Seregin was awarded the title of test pilot 1st class. Then he was appointed head of the regiment at the cosmonaut training Center for flight training of space explorers.

Instructor Yuri Gagarin during training flight on MiG-15UTI Seregin was no accident – he had a great flight experience on this plane, and got into a difficult situation. Once he was even able to put the car with the detached wheel. Pilot-cosmonaut Alexei Eliseev recalled Seregin, as “courageous, collected person.” However, the skill of the Hero of the Soviet Union did not have enough training to bring the aircraft from a spin on that tragic March day in 1968. As found by the rulelistvennaya Commission, it Seregin last held the helm. There is, however, the version that 46-year-old veteran summed up the deterioration of the condition. As did major-General of aviation Nikolai Kuznetsov, and Seregin had a heart attack, and Gagarin, until recently, trying to save the instructor managed to eject.

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