Vladimir Qaeda: marine who killed the

Heroes 31/12/19 Vladimir Qaeda: marine who killed the “Krauts” fists

In Novorossiysk, southern city on the Black sea coast, there are many monuments dedicated to the heroic defense of the city during the great Patriotic war. Two of them in particular is a monument to the Unknown sailor and the defense of the “Small earth” in the form of stone stelae, which sees a sailor with a grenade. They are remarkable that way in their creation was a real man – a war veteran, a marine, Vladimir Qaeda. The sculptors of these compositions is not in vain chose it as inspiration for their works: not only in stone, but in life it was a man of incredible physical strength, desperately brave hero.

Malaya Zemlya

Novorossiysk was in the German occupation in 1941. The city, which was the key to all of the Taman Peninsula, began to release February 2, 1943. Plan for the operation, the sea had to land two landing: basic and distracting. The main landing force consisted of two brigades of Marines, infantry brigade, machine gun and tank battalions and artillery regiments. The auxiliary troops consisted of only 257 of Marines under the command of major Caesar Kunikov.

ironic was the fact that due to bad organization of the troops of the main shock was scattered and destroyed, and the forces of the reinforcements, contrary to the predictions, in contrast, were able to land and hold the bridgehead. After a few hours the beachhead will be named “little land”. A heroic group of Marines would later be called cuniculi, and their terrible battle cry “stand from under!” to defeat the Germans in horror.

in this distractions a group of troops entered the Vladimir Qaeda.

With a signal rocket on the dot

In contrast to the main forces, distracting the Marines were landed by all the rules. The gunboats drove the Germans from the shore, on the water put a smokescreen, under cover of which the boats were able to approach withamoa Bank. But the berth was not to land: realizing that he’s lost, the Germans began to beat on him with artillery. The soldiers jumped from boats directly into the icy February sea and walked chest deep water to the shore.

And there they were waiting for the Nazis: they set on the banks of the barbed wire, dug trenches and built bunkers on the approaches with machine-gun points. Throwing grenades at the trenches, the Marines began to burst forth, but they were pinned to the ground machine gun.

Qaeda, together with a colleague crawled to the firing point, but at that moment the Germans fired into the sky lighting the missile, and the gunner noticed saboteurs. He began to transfer the fire to them. Vladimir, beside himself with rage, shot at the dot from a signal pistol. The burning missile flew directly into the recess, the Germans by surprise, jumped out, where they immediately took out the machine gunners. The way to attack was free.

Fist – weapons marine

This episode of the war became one of the most famous. During the battle, when Kaida was in an open area, he heard a high-pitched whine that could only mean one thing – their position was covered by German dive bombers and around right now will begin to detonate bombs. Jumping up, he ran and dived into the nearest trench. Leaping, he realized that shelter him divide two fascist.

It was a German spotters who put aviation on the position of the red army. In anticipation of the explosions, they just held their ears and ducked to the bottom of the trench, oblivious to the “guest”.

“I understand that now, after the explosions, they will rise and see me – then told Qaeda comrades. – And I have no cartridge in the weapon. And then remembered, as we have in the farm, before the war, one man in the dispute the bull punch killed. And then some lousy fascist. To think there was no time, I gave one on the helmet, he twitched convulsively, the second this time swept up, and clumsily tried to poke me with a gun, but got in the jaw. A little hand is not marginalized, but even through the explosions heard as he snapped her neck. And only then, when usrest both remembered that my boots were hidden knife.”

At this time the aircraft without interference from the ground, walked away, and the rest of the sailors were able to seize the fortifications.

the Cap as a tool

there was another case. It happened with Vladimir even earlier, in 1942. Despite complexion, and kayda was under two meters tall, he was not taken on large ships, as defined in the “mosquito fleet” (a common name for naval ships of small displacement, the type of boats and small fast ships). He served as a mechanic army boats. One day before his team was set a task to deliver reinforcements and supplies to Odessa.

When a group of boats were on the sea of Azov, they flew German bombers. Bombs in the ship was not hit, but the fragments pierced the hull and damaged the oil pipe. Then Kaida, who was at the helm, jerked off his cap, stuffed it damaged a pipe that was pouring hot oil and bare hand pressed this makeshift patch, while the boat has not arrived at the destination.

the Hook – the last escape

in the Spring of 1944 Vladimir Qaeda was transferred to the Baltic fleet where he was assigned to the task force, which was to distill the transport ships from America through England. On the road the convoy was torpedoed, and a ship, which was Qaeda, went to the bottom.

the Sailor was back in the water, but this time it was not the February waters of the Black sea, and the icy Barents sea. When a normal person falls into the water such temperature, then after a few minutes, he dies from hypothermia. Vladimir saved the British sailors from the frigate escorting the convoy. They caught kaidu gaff and hoisted on deck.

Two years after the war, Vladimir Qaeda remained in service: in command of the minesweeper, he cleansed the waters of the Baltic sea from underwater min. In 1970, he moved to Novorossiysk, where he gave the apartment. War veteran, commander of the order of the Patriotic war, twice commander of the order of the red Star until the last day led AKpositive life has worked with young people, spoke at the celebrations.

Vladimir Died Qaida 4 March 1984 at the age of 63.

Vasily Khodarev

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