In Kortrijk, A 55-year-old male from Kortrijk, had on Wednesday justified in the supreme court, a racist facebook profile. He has also posted a variety of articles and photographs about migrant workers. “He’s had only one goal, and that is the incitement to hatred and violence against people with a different background,” said the public prosecutor’s office.

The 55-year-old man who has two facebook profiles with. A single under his own name and one under the fictitious name of Tom V. Sc., Especially on a fictitious Facebook page, you know, the guy on the assembly line of newspaper articles about immigrants. “That attracted a lot of racist comments in the 5,000 facebook friends”, argued the lawyer Renaud Vercaemst, the inter-federal gelijkekansencentrum Unia, that is, the facebook profile had been charged by the police. “Those comments were very, very heavy. If they had, for example, about strontturken”, and someone commented that ” that crapuul a better one would be-or a gas chamber would be stuck.” The man himself didn’t respond to any of the articles he has posted. “But he’s likete do all the work”, calling for a master Vercaemst. “He’s created in this way is not the only one being racist on public forums. Due to all the racist posts, and to sign up, he encouraged his friends and followers to be more to happy to continue to do so.” Unia filed a complaint against the man because of the hatred and denial, and the denial of the Holocaust is so-so.


The 55-year-old Kortrijkzaan gave earlier to the police that he and all of the comments under his post, geliket, but it was the man on Wednesday morning in the district court on the back. “After my interview with the police, I have detected a virus on my computer. It is because of the virus, and that all the comments geliket were the same. How else would I have been able to get all the responses will be like? There are 100 comments on the posts. I was a very, very long time to have been working. By the way, who’s to say that I have not hacked me? My computer could not be found.” The man asked for the acquittal. At the request of the court as to why he has never been a study requested by the computer, the man could not answer. “I promise you, though, that I have in my facebook profiles, scroll to delete. I am aware that what you post on social media can be very dangerous.” The 55-year-old man would risk a jail sentence of four months and a fine of 208 euros. Judgment delivered on the 27th of november.