Sint-Truiden, belgium, At a meeting of the Vlaams belang, on Thursday evening, september 19, at the cafe, The Source, was made by the Limburg chair Annick Ponthier, and captain Chris Smith of the department in Sint-Truiden, belgium dissolved. According to a leaked report from the latest meeting of the Truiense department.

The Truiense chairman of the City Langlet, of the department of Vlaams belang Sint-Truiden, belgium, in april, the national chairman of the Tom From the Greeks and from the party, taken after a photo uitlekte in which Langlet can be seen at a party at the Roots of the Hitlergroet as well as abroad. Nevertheless, it took the Flemish Interests on the 26th of may, with a high score at the latest, the federal and Flemish elections in the country. With an increase of 15 percent in the EG, with about 20 percent of the vote, the second-largest party in the Trudostad. Only the N-VA, which is substantially lost to the Vlaams Belangers let them go first. The Truiense section cited, even by Lily in Dutch again, a british member of Parliament from within. After twelve years of exile, is the Lily Dutch is back with a vengeance. When in the second position, the 32-year-old daughter of a former member of parliament, Marleen Govaerts with 10.736 of votes will be elected.