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Biography 13/02/20 Revitali Kahlo: “life after death”

in the Summer of 2002, the life of the architect of Ossetia Vitaly Kaloeva was divided into before and after. Then his wife and two children were killed in a plane crash. After 2 years, Kaloyev killed the controller, who was considered guilty in the death of his family. When he was serving his sentence, he returned home. About what reception they gave to the Builder at the airport, you know, probably all. But as has been his fate?

In 2005, a Swiss court sentenced Vitaly Kaloeva to 8 years of imprisonment. However, later the sentence was commuted to 5 years and 3 months. But freedom Kahlo was much earlier. He arrived in Moscow in November 2007. Despite the late hour, at the airport he was met by crowds of reporters, armed with microphones, photo and video cameras, as well as dozens of relatives, countrymen and sympathizers. Many of them believed Kaloeva a national hero. However, Vitaly reluctantly answered the questions of journalists and limited to only thanks for the support against the Russians and the Russian government.

the researcher had hoped that he would be left alone in his native Vladikavkaz. But members of the press followed him there. Journalists from France, Germany, the United States and even Japan came to North Ossetia to see the architect, and most importantly talk to him. And the locals did not give Kaloeva passage. Now Vitali couldn’t even just walk down the street. Everyone wanted to approach him and pay “homage”. At least so writes in his book “the Clash. Candid story of Vitaly Kaloeva” Kseniya Kaspari.

In 2008, Vitaly Kaloyev held a position of Deputy Minister of construction and architecture of Republic. Since then, the countrymen deluged Kaloeva requests. Many of these requests, no relattion to the duties of Vitaly Konstantinovich had. Just people sincerely believed that, as a high-ranking official, the researcher will say to them a word. But most Kaloeva his position was a burden.

When the Deputy Minister reached retirement age, he did not hesitate to retire. However, to actually relax Vitaly Kaloyev was not going to. Again he founded a construction company and started the implementation of the first order – the construction of an apartment building. The researcher, as before, personally supervised each stage of work. That’s only one break, he still had to do. Vitaly Konstantinovich found problems with cardiac activity, in connection with which he had surgery on bypass.

in addition to the success in professional activities, the researcher has found personal happiness. In 2015, Vitaly Konstantinovich married again. The chosen architect was Irina Jarosova, who worked as an engineer in JSC “Sevkavkazenergo”. However, in the registry office the couple was not married on the Ossetian customs. Apparently tired of the excessive attention, the researcher and Jarosova invited to a celebration of only the closest friends and relatives.

Despite the fact that Irina never gives interviews and generally trying to stay in the shade, in 2018, all over the news that Kaloeva became parents. First reported on social networks Kseniya Kaspari, author of the biographical book about Vitaly Kaloyev. In one of the maternity hospitals of Vladikavkaz Irina successfully gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.

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