Visaitov Mawlid: what Chechen was awarded the highest military award of the United States

Heroes 23/12/19 of mavlid Visaitov: why Chechens were awarded the highest military award of the United States

the American government so highly appreciated the achievements of the Chechen commander of the Mawlid visaitova that put it on par with Georgy Zhukov, Rodion Malinovsky and Konstantin Rokossovsky. In may 1945, the Soviet officer was presented to one of the most coveted awards of the United States – the order of the Legion of Honor.

From the store Manager to the legendary commander

Interestingly, the first education of the future hero of the Soviet Union merchant. After finishing the co-op College he found a position as a store Manager, but worked there for a short time. In the same 1932 he joined the Red army, and three years later received his military education – 17-year-old, adding a year in the birth certificate, he entered and graduated from the school of infantry and cavalry courses. Began military career as a captain of one of the 34 divisions of a cavalry regiment, and retired with the rank of Colonel. Was awarded the highest Soviet award – the “Gold star” Hero of the Soviet Union, two orders of Lenin, red banner, Suvorov 3rd degree, world war 1 degree, the red Star. American presidents Harry S. Truman was presented in 1945 to the order of the Legion of honor.

Two awards for outstanding service

to say that the American order of the Legion of Honor – one of the highest military awards of the United States. It is awarded to Americans and military allies, which in the course of military actions in emergencies have shown exceptional and outstanding talents. This was appreciated by the us government of the merits of the Mawlid visaitova.

the Soviet leadership in 1946, despite the burning desire 32-year-old commander to remain in the ranks of the red Army, sent him to the reserve with the wording “the lack of vacancies in the cavalry units of the land forces”. A report to Stalin, no letter colleagues in the regional Committee of the Communist party did not help the personnel officer to continue the service. In a letter to Stalin, he assumed that “the only reason” suspension – “I am a Chechen”. And the title of Hero was awarded the Mawlid Aleroeva only posthumously, in may 1990. The idea for the Hero of the Soviet Union in June 1945 was rejected (instead of the hero then the illustrious commander has received the Order of Lenin).

Roads of war

meanwhile, of mavlid Visaitov scored already in the first days of the war, the regiment led the fearless Chechen commander defeated the forward units of the Nazis on the Western border. The men doted on the commander – his courage and bravery was legend. Defended Kiev, participated in the battle of Stalingrad, in the operations near Rostov, Donbass, Crimea. During the defense of Rostov-on-don was seriously wounded. December 1944 – the commander of the 28th cavalry regiment. Liberated Poland, he distinguished himself in the Berlin operation. During the attack on Berlin by forces regiment visaitova was destroyed and captured almost 2.5 thousand German soldiers and officers, destroyed so much equipment that it would be enough for a regiment.

the Handshake of the century

2 may 1945, the regiment visaitova, the last 170 kilometers and defeated a total of two regiments of the enemy, first came to the Elbe, where there was, as you know, the legendary meeting with the Anglo-American troops. Of mavlid Visaitov was the first of the Soviet officers, shook hands with General Bolling. It is the greeting then in the Newspapers dubbed the “handshake of the century”. Then Visaitov gave the commander advanced American parts of her beloved stallion, and Bolling in solidarity and friendship gave the Soviet commander the keys to the jeep.

What is the reasoning for inclusion visaitova in the ranks of honorary Legionnaires used by the Americans it is easy to guess. Probably the same that the Soviet leadership with the idea for the title of Hero: “Colonel Visaitov had committed heroic deeds… Demonstrated the qualities of skillful voenachalNiku… of His skill, courage and excellent performance of duties ensured the success of military operations.” That’s only an honorary Legionnaire, so valued by the us government, the recognition of self-government had to wait too long. His son and grandchildren continued the work of the famous ancestor – they were professional military, to serve and protect the Homeland.

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