Victor Sheymov: traitor to the KGB, who sued the CIA

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the Flight to the West of the Soviet cryptographer of the KGB major Viktor Shamov and his family were so well prepared that the intelligence services of the Soviet Union a few years knew nothing about their fate, seriously considering even the version of the murder.

What was he doing in the USSR

the Historian of the secret services, retired Colonel Igor Atamanenko in his book “Escape from Lubyanka” writes that the future KGB major Viktor Sheymov, graduating from Bauman. Bauman and worked in the defense research Institute, was invited to serve in the classified unit of the state security Committee – eighth division, is engaged in providing security and operation of encryption of communications of the USSR, the government communications within the Soviet Union and abroad.

By 1980, Victor Sheymov rose to the position of the head of Department who was in charge of cipher communications of foreign embassies in the USSR. The major was aware of all cryptological nuances of their work, both existing and under development and already used.

the Motives of escape

In his memoirs, published in America after fleeing abroad and harshly criticized by the Western press, Victor Shamov wrote that he talked a lot with the dissidents, he was disgusted with the Soviet system as such, in Samova “burning flame of Frontera”, an ardent fighter against totalitarianism in the USSR. So he decided to fight him in the distance, from abroad.

Chamov long and carefully prepared to escape, told his wife and even casually announced to his mother about “long trip” (mostly to colleagues from the security services did not know about the escape).

How did you escape?

Igor Atamanenko writes that the first step to escape Victor Shein made during a trip to Poland. He managed to get out unnoticed from the building of the Soviet mission in Warsaw, take a taxi to the American Embassybut there “offer themselves” as a cryptographer – a precondition fleeing the States with his wife and daughter. Warsaw resident CIA checked Chamova and immediately offered to move to America. He refused to do so and discussed the details of his behavior upon return to the USSR before the “evacuation”.

As he wrote himself Sheymov, in the capital, he met three times with a CIA agent in the pool “Moscow”. Not to be left in the USSR as a “mole”, he gave secret information gradually, and most important he kept it to himself. Shamavu to the last did not say how his wife Olga and 5 year old daughter will pass to the West. Nevertheless, the family began to prepare for it on their own. Extra things didn’t take, everything in the apartment remained to the impression of a short absence of the owners. Shamov in the preparation tried to give credibility to the version of the murder of the family. Olga took a train to Uzhgorod. The major said this weekend at a friends in the suburbs, where no working telephone. The escape was planned for Friday, to gain time till Monday.

There are different versions of the escape family Chaimovich. One of them, they crossed the state border through Poland by car. According to intelligence, Chaimovich was taken by plane from Vnukovo airport, sagamonova Victor under the second pilot, and Olga with her daughter by placing in the boxes with the Embassy allegedly used electronics.

When they returned?

As a missing person to search for them began immediately. The escape happened in may and in December 1980, the KGB reported about the murder of a family: at this time, the detained police officers, killed in the Moscow metro, a high-ranking officer of the state security Committee. Subsequently it was established that the version of the murder of a family Chaimovich insolvent.

a Former Deputy Chairman of the KGB Philip Bobkov in his book wrote that “…to the great shame… it soon became clear that no family, they left”. Historian of special services Atamanenko of utochkaet: it “soon” stretched the KGB for several years, and, most likely, proof of infidelity Chamova was received by the security officers just after 5 years, when the KGB recruited a senior CIA officer Aldrich Ames.

“don’t play maiden, Victor!”

On the extent of subversive activities Victor Chamova against the USSR is not reported, this information is still classified. But Atamanenko writes that Chaimovich settled near Washington in a comfortable cottage, provide security, free meals and servants, Victor changed the appearance.

the Attempt of the CIA to make Chamova honest fighter against the Soviet regime has undergone a crushing defeat. Their contribution to this process made himself a traitor. The Western intelligence services historian Phillip Knightley wrote that Sheymov not one of the spies that were moved by ideological and political motives: it “abundantly paid CIA” spying is entirely based on self-interest. After the 1990s, books Samova the Washington post rebuked the spy in narcissism and a direct lie, “Time” in the article “Shame on you, Victor!” called a traitor “not the build of a maiden”, successfully beating his name (shame in English “shame”).

In the end Shamov had a fight with the CIA. British diary The DailyTelegraph wrote as he pleaded with intelligence, believing that those he had not paid for the collaboration, and demanded a million dollars. The publication reported that the court spy won, but what amount seized is unknown.

the Newspaper “Tribune” reports (article posted on the website of the foreign intelligence service of Russia), Victor Sheymov involved in the US business associated with cyber security.

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