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History 21/01/20 Vera Mukhina: why the author of “Worker and collective farm” were accused of sabotage

In the original version of the worker and the collective farm girl, who later became the trademark of “Mosfilm”, Vera Mukhina depicted albeit carefully draped, but still naked. Subsequently, on the recommendation of the government of the sculptor had to wear shapes. It is in the folds of the sundress farmers informer and saw something he could not remain silent.

work on the sculpture

For the world exhibition in Paris, the architect Boris Iofan designed the pavilion, which resembled a narrow ocean liner. The dynamics of the pavilion and had to emphasize the sculptural group. The competition for the best project of the monument was won by Vera Mukhina. However, at first even the brothers are not happy of their victory. If you believe the author of the publication “Walking in Moscow” Mikhail zhebrak the as soon as the project was approved, Vera Ignatyevna taken aback, saying, exactly 10 days 3-meter model must be prepared. Realizing that to do such a great job for such a short time is simply impossible, the artist cried. So I decided that for the beginning will suffice and foot of the instance.

But this was only the beginning. After production of the model was to build a composition in a natural, 24-metre, size. Despite the fact that before the show remained more than a year, there was so much that all 200 people involved in the process, including herself Vera Mukhina, worked literally around the clock. According to Fedor Razzakov on the pages of his book “the Light of extinct stars. People who are always with us,” Mukhin bravely climbed over the figures, checking every detail, and then started welding. “Worker and collective farm girl” was ready only by March 1937. However, for their creativity Mukhina run the risk of not gratitude, and the period.

Molotov, Voroshilov and Stalin at the factory

in fact, what the sculptor to the relevant authorities received information. According to Nikita Voronov, the author of the book “Vera Mukhina,” the informer said that the widow is engaged in blatant sabotage, deliberately disrupting work on the monument. But most importantly, the author has hinted that in the folds of the sundress farmers supposedly lurks the face of Trotsky. As is known, the so-called Trotskyism was then condemned by many ordinary citizens and prominent figures. So for the time the charges were quite serious. At least, if the denunciation did not pay any attention, it is unlikely that the plant TSNIIMASH, where he erected a monument, came Stalin himself.

Before the chief to the plant granted by Molotov and Voroshilov. On this visit mentions in his book “They surrounded Stalin,” and Roy Medvedev. Voroshilov commanded Mukhina to remove bags under the eyes of the farmers, and Molotov carefully examined the folds of the dress. Never having noticed, Molotov said that he didn’t like the scarf fluttered on the neck of farmers. “She’s not a dancer!” — outraged the President of the Council of people’s Commissars. But Vera Ignatyevna assured the high guests that scarf is needed for balance. Response Mukhina Molotov satisfied. At night the company came and Stalin. He silently stood near the sculpture for 20 minutes and left, never saying a single word.

the fate of “Worker and Kolkhoznitsa”

Vera Mukhina tried not to wonder. After a few days the sculpture was cut into 65 pieces, Packed in crates, and loading them in 28 rail cars were sent to France. At the exhibition in Paris “worker and collective farm girl” made a splash. In the French edition of “l’humanite” there was a picture of a Soviet monument with a solemn inscription that now the Eiffel tower was finally completed. In fact, the French wanted to keep the creation of Mukhina herself. If you believe the author of the publication “Four friends era. Memoirs on the background of the century” Igor Obolensky, the Parisians even collected for this signature. Oneto Soviet Union chose to return the sculptures to their homeland.

“Worker and collective farm girl” again dismantled and sent to Moscow. In the capital sculpture recovered from the thicker steel plates and mounted too low for proper impression of a pedestal. According to A. L. Myasnikov in his edition of “100 great landmarks of Moscow”, in Paris, the song seemed to hover in the air, while, as expected, at a height of more than 34 metres. However, in the Soviet Union “Worker and collective farm girl” hoisted itself Vera Ignatyevna Mukhina was called “stump”. According to Myasnikov, until the end of her life she fought not only for a worthy pedestal, but their work is not perceived solely as a means of evident propaganda.

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